Sun Rays for Sunday Stills

Our next assignment from Sara is  — “light and how you use it is one of the most important aspects of photography.  Let’s play with some interesting natural light this week.  Rays of sunshine can be found during the sunrise, sunset or even just beaming through a window during the day. Of course, if it rains all week, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing for much of the country either ;-) “.

So for my Sunday Stills I give you

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Sun Rays (and one photo of a neat rainbow, although we didn’t get rain someplace around us must have.)



Sunday Stills — In the Air

I just had to share these wonderful photo from blog friends…they really are in the air, just not taken by me!

The first is from John and Cindy North….I do not think I have ever seen

Four rainbows at ONCE!

How amazingly cool is that!

Then Sara from Kentucky sent me THIS


A cool rainbow spanning one whole side of her farm!

Then Tom sent me over a photo a friend of his took here in Colorado.  They live in Steamboat Springs, and are great friends of Tom.  Tom as since moved to the lower part of our state.  Tom’s friend Erin is took this with her cell phone.


A double rainbow spanning the complete mountain town of Steamboat Springs.

Thank you everyone for these wonderful and amazing rainbows!

No one can have enough rainbows in their lives!

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Sunday Stills—Roads (No Archives)

We took off Wednesday and headed over to Salida and Buena Vista, Colorado.  We were in-between the next set of work on the farm.  The only thing having to be done was the irrigation, which Misty did for us — 6 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 10 at night.  Bladen helped.

A little vacation was what we needed!

Three days and two nights.

We only had one spot of road construction  going over Serro Summit toward Salida.  We only saw one wreck (which was great –and it looked like no one was hurt).  Traffic was light.

Everywhere is dry, dry, dry.

Coming back we headed on out of Buena Vista, Colorado, over Cottowood Pass toward the headwaters of our irrigation system…..Taylor Lake.

Wouldn’t you know it?!  There was my Sunday Stills Photo Op—-

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A twenty minute wait while they blasted through rock while widening the road.

Everything was extremely dry.

While we were there we experienced two rain storms. One lasted an hour and the other 15 minutes.  We were delighted!

Also, while we were there we met many people from Colorado Springs who had been evacuated from the Waldo Canyon Fire and others who had come over from Fort Collins to get away from the smoke.

Also, while we were there we found out that the Pine Ridge Fire had started in our neck of the woods.  The smoke is terrible in the Debeque Canyon and in Grand Junction.  We can see the huge dark plums rising over the mountains.

So Sad!  So very sad.

Hopefully the rains will start soon.  Those two showers we experienced were just plain delightful!

Anyway, for great photos of roads head on over here and check out the comment section, click on everyone’s name and see some great roads from here, there, and around the world!

We are always wanting others to join us so please do!  You will be welcome.  Just leave Ed a comment on next week assigment and a link to your website so every one can find you!  Then link your site to the Sunday Stills site!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Sunday Stills—The Color Brown

I’m going to assume the color RUST can count as the color Brown…at the Antique Farm Show this old back hoe was on display…our 10 year old grandson found the whole thing “REALLY COOL”.

Then there was “#4” the next size up from the smallest this manufacturer made.  There were 5 in the series.

This one was huge…the informational sign says it traveled at 2.4 miles an hour.

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Have Fun!  Enjoy the color Brown!


Sunday Stills This Week–All About the Numbers

I had to really think about what and where I would see numbers…on a farm, miles from town.

Then it dawned on me!!!

I am surrounded by numbers

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When I started to get more than 10 photos I thought I had better stop!

So here’s my collection!



This Week’s Sunday Stills Assignment—-Songs in Photos

I was afraid I could not do this week’s assignment….a song in photos!

Then I got an inspiration—

The Sounds of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel

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Lest we forget…..


Happy Easter Every One

My camera fell out of my pocket as I was changing siphon tubes yesterday —  right into the irrigation ditch.  Boo Hoo Sob!  I found it but I do believe I can no longer use that camera, and it was my favorite! WAAAAHH.

But just in time for Sunday Stills I have a almost appropriate photo.

It’s cold here, frost on the ground and freeze warnings in effect.  I built a fire last night.  Still it is April and a time of wonderous joy!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Terry and Linda

Sunday Stills-Bird Stalking

Our assignment this week to get and see if we could capture some birds which are arriving back for spring.

One of my goals is to be able to take really good bird photos.  This has been a horribly busy week this week so I wasn’t able to stalk many birds, but I did get this lovely pair of ring-necked doves in the apricot tree—

A very chirping flock of (I don’t know what kind of birds)

And of course the resident hens!

Of which I thoroughly enjoy.


Sunday Stills—Weather or Not

Farming is going strong here.  The morning always starts out good, but by the end of the day the wind comes up.

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Happy Spring Sunday!