Peace —Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A beautiful Downey Woodpecker

Sandhill Crane feathers are just lovely

They look grey until you see them in the sunlight

The red-mask is a lovely touch

These are very large birds…they stand about four feet tall.

These Quail are just darling —see the pheasant running off at the top of the photo?

I love the hawks and falcons who hunt across the farm.

But the most unexpected, (and lucky for me) thing was seeing a flock of Western Bluebirds!

They stopped for a search among the weeds for a bite to eat and I got a photo!

That was so exciting!   Not a good photo, but still one!

Living here on the farm is such a good life for Terry and me.

We love it.

The work is hard and never-ending, but here is the secret, we Love it.  The work, the farm, the everything—making up our daily life.

From my world to your heart,


More Storms Heading Our Way

But it’s beautiful right now, and that is what really matters!

Not all of the snow has gone, but with this warm weather it should be out of here by the time the next storm hits.

Our next door farming neighbor is still trying to get his corn in.  The moisture is running around 15%.  Boy do we feel for him!

  The sun has been  just delightful…this falcon thinks so also.  Bitter weather is hard on everything.

Babies are due any day now.  I suppose they will wait until the storms hit. 

Our cows still stay pretty close together, but not far from the visiting herd.

Until the next storm…

Life is Good!