From First Light Until Way Past Last Light—-Thursday, March 9, 2017

We start early this time of year…Just before First Light

and end way after the sunlight has washed from the sky

Terry has moved from disking into plowing.  (Yes, we still plow.  Terry and I are firm believers of the re-building the soil, with last year’s old stalks.

We don’t burn off the land, nor do we do no-till.  No-till dosen’t work in our area, although it has been tried here. We have tried also—the only part of the farm that is not plowed is last year’s bean ground—and, of course the hay fields, unless they are to be replanted.)

Our books are now done and at the CPA, all my housework is finally caught up—

And I have begun the spring yard work.  Sure is lots of ‘stuff’ to be raked and cleaned and readied for planting next month.

We were so tired last night we fell asleep in our chairs.

Around 4 in the morning I woke–ready to start the day…shish (I’ve moved to daylight saving time in my body) the moon was just about to set.  My window was filled with stars, a sort of hazy luminous cloud mist was starting to wisp across the moon, the black-velvet of the night slowing fading into indigo,

Lifting my heart in gladness.  We are all so lucky…you and I…to be able to live in this amazingly beautiful world.

Later on—after the work started outside—the sun brighten the clouds, in the east calling all to ‘wake-up’  a new day is beginning!

From my world to your heart,