A Most Overworked Being—Sunday, June 11, 2017

For two afternoons, Evan came and helped plant the pinto beans.  Terry was still taking it slow  (He is still taking it slow, but not as slow).

But after that  Terry began to feel house bound…I don’t know how, he was sitting out there watching Evan and I.   He said he wants to feel the tractor under him, to feel the wind fanning the air, watching the soil and the implement working, to smell the fragrance of the plants and the soil.

So promising me he would NOT lift anything, Evan and I hooked up the Mormon Creaser and the Marker Bar on one tractor.

Then we hooked up the fertilizer tank on the other tractor.

Two tractors ready to go.  All he has to do is sit there and drive.

Whatever he needs now I can do.

The haystacks are shrinking.  I’ve been loading out two to three sometimes four customers a day.  So we are making it.

“Please be careful, Terry!”  I pled with him.

He just smiled at me and said: “To quote our neighbor, Darrel —‘Farming makes me happy’!”  With that he carefully climbed into the tractor and was off.

So while he is out there enjoying himself (with a huge smile–like the sun breaking forth into that golden light we all so love, I might add) I am saying prayers to his guardian angel….a most overworked being.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,