Simple Stuff—Monday, October 23, 2017

Terry is down having the corn checked for moisture…we are getting close now.  Soon it will be harvest time, and the completion of this years growing season. We aren’t there just yet….but ever so close.

Our days are growing shorter and shorter, November is fast upon us and the time change from Daylight back to regular time.

So far the days are golden and peaceful. The nights are contented with warm sounds of sap popping as the logs burn in the woodstove; two sleeping cats on Terry, and a Beagle next to me, while I work on a needlepoint project.

The dark of the moon has passed; growing now toward the glittering brightness of the full moon. I love night walks in the moonlight.

A wee pause in the growing season.  Then the last busy push of corn harvest.

But not today…not just yet.

We tarry a little longer.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,