The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — What More Can I Say ?!?

The next to the last field has been opened —  that means Dad is done doing enough of the tractor work it’s time to put the gated pipe together and start the water on that field.  This field is another corn field, but the gated pipe will water the pinto bean field.

Dad and Mom had to put the pipe together for the pinto bean field because the run off from the last corn field goes to water the bean field and the last alfalfa field before leaving our farm and heading on over to the next farm.  But since the bean ground isn’t ready yet, the water will run through the gated pipe anyway and water the older alfalfa field then leave our farm.

We moved siphon tubes and got the water flowing.  Sure was a good feeling.

The next day, Mom asked us to get in the back of the pick-up and go to TOWN.

Oh, what joy!

Boomer has learned to hop in the back now and he loves to ride with us.  Remember when he first came he was very afraid and wouldn’t get in the truck unless I got in first?  I think he has made huge strides in being a good farm dog!

Anyway we got to town and Mom dropped us OFF at the Dog GROOMERS!!!!

That was hours of misery.  I shook and trembled and moaned the whole time.  Boom of course LOVED the whole experience.  He hopped right into the bathing tub and sat there while Mom and the groomer put me into the waiting area.








About 90 minutes of pure hell and torture Mom came and picked us up.

Yep!  That’s me.

I can’t decide if I like this new look or not!

Makes me feel —-  well naked.

And Mom wouldn’t let me jump into the ditches, said I was just shampooed so I have to stay out of the muddy water.




Then the heat of the next day hit and


I guess this new look is alright.

I feel a lot cooler!