The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—We are Tired

Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I are wore out!

Really wore out!

It’s been a long week…I mean L.O.N.G.!


The wind wore all of us down.  It also wore out all the plants.  Not only that; it was a hot wind.  Really hot!  And full of dirt!

So we had …hot, dirty, wind.

But there were some fun things too.  Like going to change water all the time.  (That is my most favorite thing in the world to do.)


Up there I found a cool snake! Mom was putting the trash catcher into the ditch and a green snake was in there with a Mouse in his Mouth!  The snake dropped the mouse and it floated now the water.  The snake tried to wiggle up the side and couldn’t make it.  So Mom and Dad helped the snake out.  It was really fun!!!!

How cool is THAT!!!


Sammy brought Mom a GIANT mouse one morning.  Just purrrfect for breakfast, Mom!  Sammy purred.

“What a good kitty you are Sammy-Sam!”  Mom gave Sammy lots of loves and pats.  Fuzzy told Sam that he would have just snapped the thing in two and left it where he found it.

Sammy just purred back to Fuzzy… Yes, Fuzzy, you would have.  But Mom wouldn’t know so you wouldn’t get any pets.



Shish, fumed Fuzzy.  I didn’t think of that.

Then the wind blew down a HUGE branch! It was a giant job!


It took lots of work…Fuzzy and I helped Mom load all the little branches into the back of the pick-up. Then we rode with Bladen and Mom up the Coyote Hill to dump the broken limbs off into a big pile.  Misty and the kids picked up the big chunks Dad cut off the HUGE branch, (Kelly was at work but when he came home from lunch he also helped).

When we got everything down to just the colossal limbs Dad came back down with the tractor.  And Mom came back with the trailer.

Once we all got to the tractor part Fuzzy and I had to just wait until Mom and Dad to chain up the logs and load them onto the trailer.  Then we rode up to the Coyote Hill with Mom in the pick-up pulling the trailer; Dad following with the tractor.


DONE!  A huge pile to rot away on Coyote Hill!


After the last irrigation of the day Mom and Dad sat down outside with us and just gave a huge sigh, “Friday we are taking the day off,” Dad said.

Of course that really won’t happen, but the work will slow down to just what has to get done.


Sometimes a rest is necessary.  You have a little rest today (everything will be there tomorrow)…those of us on our Colorado Farm plan on doing so!



Today is Sunday…Thankfully a day of rest.  We always try to take this day off, of course there are  some things that just don’t rest–like changing the irrigation water.  But for the most part we ‘MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEK!’


The last load of pinto beans went to



The Beanery at 7:15 in the morning.


Terry went over and helped Nick unload our truck at 1:00 in the afternoon.  The truck is now all cleaned up and put away until we start the corn harvest –sometime after the middle of October on, depending on how the corn dries down.


The little girls spent the day with us so they helped me do my job in the hay field.


I had a load with the old dog, the crippled dog and the two girls 🙂  but they enjoyed themselves.  Linkin (I call her Nee-Nee) helped me straighten and pick up bales.



(Tallen is waving at Grandpa coming into the field for a load)

It was her first time, but she is old enough now — our kids started around 9 years of age so I figured she could too.


The tractor broke down on the first load of hay heading into the haystack 😦 but by that time is was supper time and Misty was back home.  (Kelly and Bladen went to Bladen’s soccer game in Leadville and were spending the night in Gunnison with a college friend of Kelly’s last night.0   So Misty stayed and helped us.  She is feeling better again, thankfully.


While Misty and Terry brought the broken tractor to the shed, the girls and I finished up the dishes.  The last load of hay came in just as dark was settling down on the land.  They wanted to help irrigate so off we all went to the old alfalfa field to start the water … IN the Dark!

While up there I lost Fuzzy.  The poor old thing just has the hardest time keeping up with everyone.  He wanted off the four-wheeler to walk with the girls so I put him down.

While following them he must have stopped to sniff around for a spell and they walked on.  He didn’t come back and didn’t come back and didn’t come back.  Fuzzy can’t hear or see very well so I was getting very concerned.  Finally I took the four-wheeler and drove into the upper end, which is by the hay field…turned on the lights and drove around looking for him.  I was almost to start panicking when  I saw his white paws trying to get to me.

He and I were VERY happy to see each other that is for certain and sure!

By the time all of this was over and we sat on the back patio for a spell just to wind down it was past 10 o’clock when we finally went into the house and the little family went home.

We are supposed to have a couple of rainy days starting today sometime so getting all the crops in and covered feels very nice.

Corn  Have a restful Sunday everyone, Terry and I are sure going to try.