Fix’n Combines and Thursday Fences —-August, 28, 2014

I’ve been helping Terry work on his pinto bean combine

Getting-readyAs you can see we still have two of the augurs to put back.

Fix-the-combineWith lots of ropes and the help of a lift we got the chute (the biggest augur goes into) up and connected.  (When you use old equipment……………at least it is paid for.)

The day was a tad warm and the work a bit on the stressful side…meaning if I don’t understand the hand signals or read his mind….I’m sure you understand what I mean.
I also didn’t want anything to happen TO him…like falling off the ladder–see it tipping there…so I was ‘hang’n around, snapping photos when he wasn’t looking, and trying to help him if he were to fall.


That is when I noticed we have a sort of neat old fence…right there!  Right next to me. The blue thing is an automatic animal waterer.

Shut-the-gateWe even shut the gate with the original gate closer — a horse shoe! I guess I didn’t need to look far or wide for something fun to show you in the line of fences.  It was right there.  The common old corral fence on a typical farm!

Head over to Teresa’s site for more exciting and fun fences and gates.  The Run*A* Round Ranch blog.

See you on Friday!

Your farm friend,





You Just GOT to See This–Wednesday, August 26, 2014

Bull Snake

Linda Pierson from Just Another Day on the Prairie in Alberta, Canada, said I could use this photo of a bull snake sunning itself.  A friend of her’s took the photo.  It is such an unusual place to find bull snake I just had to share it will all of You!

On barbed wire no less!

Hope you enjoy!

Your farm friend on a Western Colorado Farm






All the Way from France-a Gift of Love and Hope–Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I have so many, many, many warm and delightful friends–people from all around the globe and in many walks of life! You (each and everyone of you) are a gift of joy!
Writing this Life on a Colorado Farm blog has created for me a sort of fairy-tale kind of experience.  If it weren’t for the internet and for the medium of blogs the miracles of strong friendships from here, there, and everywhere could never have occurred.
Miracles really are a part of everyday living…we just forget to see them.
Charlotte Moore  sent to me these three delightful rainbows.  Perfect for this time of transition—and for my Tuesday guest posts.  Here is what she wrote when she sent them to me:
“We always see rainbows in this spot, every summer. Double like this one.
 Sometimes disappearing but intense like this one
 Sometimes all the way across.
xx Charlotte
Accolay, France”
Thank you, My Friends, I do Believe in the Gift of Miracles!
Your friend on a farm in Western Colorado

A Rainbow Gift from Cedaredge, Colorado, Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kagedog, My longtime blog reading friend sent me this lovely rainbow.

Here is what her email said:  “Here’s a rainbow for you, Linda, just to brighten your day. I took this one a couple of years back from our deck. We don’t often see rainbows over Cedaredge. More often in the other direction over the Black Canyon. Just thought you might enjoy it.

Have a nice day!
What a beautiful site!

Now you can also enjoy it! A gift of hope!

Your friend,

A Guest Post Jan—She Gets It! — Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jan from The Poodle and Dog blog, featured Fuzzy and Boomer on her August 7th post!

evening1.jpgBut more than that she gave a wonderful tribute to Farmer’s.   Please Click the blue line and head over to see Jan’s post, also view once more, Dodge Truck’s video Tribute to Farmers from the Super Bowl—On the 8th day, God Made a Farmer, written and read by the late Paul Harvey!


Your friend on a Colorado farm,