More on Irrigation Water

Sometimes people get weirded out that farmers waste water, but water is never wasted. (as far as I know).

After we put the water through our fields the water goes back into the canal; rushing to the next farm down the way.  This is the main artery head gate at the end of our place. 


The canal divides the water to go under the road to next set of farms and down the hill to a whole different set of farm.  These big head gates give me vertigo, so I am grateful I don’t EVER have to do anything with it.


This is a cool photo of ditch foam.  I like to find ditch foam.  It is a rare, but not unusual phenomenon, which occurs when conditions are just right.  I found one awhile back and posted about it here.


This photo shows you a head of water let loose and moving quickly.  When you pull up the dam the whole head swooshes down the ditch, so you have to hurry to beat the water to your next set or the water can run over the sides.


Our farm is on a mesa, just above some very interesting canyons.  Last evening we went to Fat Man’s Misery and walked up to Devil’s Kitchen.  The formations here are just amazing.  The last thing you want to happen is to be here when a flash flood occurs.  And they do occur, as you can tell from the standing water.

I am not going to be able to do much posting for a few days now, we have company coming, and a short trip to Dove Creek to visit some friends.  But I will be checking everyone’s blog over this next week, just not planning on doing much posting on mine.

Everything should settle itself down after the 4th of July and return to normal.

Have a nice week and really good 4th of July!

19 thoughts on “More on Irrigation Water

  1. Yup. Wasting water. The water is ALWAYS there, continually recycled. It’s just all about who CONTROLS the water.

    So beautiful. I know you have gorgeous views there. Colorado is an amazing state.



  2. Very cool irrigation pictures Linda. I like the foam one too. They all remind me some of growing up in northern California and the irrigation ditches for the fields of bell peppers and grapes around our house. Miss all that very much. Neat gorge picture too.
    Hope you have a good visit with your company and will look forward to hearing more from you after the fourth! Take care and Happy 4th to you too!


  3. Wow, that canyon is just too cool. What a neat place to hike. Crops need water to grow! I think most people realize that, maybe some that are a little too far removed from where their food comes from does not but I think most do.


  4. Lots of bailed hay there in the background. Looks good, but more work. Must be more that one Fat Man’s Misery. In fact, I think there were several along the hike we went on near Hanksville, Utah through Robbers Roost down to the Dirty Devil River. Those red mesas are amazing. Been through Dove Creek too.


  5. Looking at the sky, the rain has finally gone away. The rop looks ealty too. We get this foam here in te ocean from time to time. Scientists think the impurities in the oean cause that. Would it be the same in your case?


  6. we do the irrigation thang too with our Fish Creek here.. water wasted!!?!?!? not a chance… here where i need the soothing sounds of fish creek flowing about now

    happy 4th


  7. I love reading about farming in different parts of the USA or world. That was interesting. Happy 4th to you and yours. Stop over at my farm when you get a chance! 🙂


  8. This was sooo interesting to me! Although I live in Oregon now, I grew up in Indiana … corn country. I remember getting drenched by the water cannons that the farmers would run at night. It was so blazingly hot there, and to combat evaporation, the farmers would water at night. My hubby and I were dating, and I remember driving along the country roads at night with those tall corn crops all around us … obviously very dark with no street lights in the country. It was summer and hot, so we’d have the windows rolled down to get a breeze as we flew down the roads, and then BAM! out of nowhere we’d get drenched by a wayward water cannon! Ah, the good ol days! We laughed when it happened; now, I’d probably keel over from shock! 🙂


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