Part of Our Vacation was a Tractor Pull

Not one of those really fast tractor pulls, but just your plain farm tractor pull.


Both Evan and Terry drove.  Terry had the 530 JD and Evan drove the 730 JD.


The pull was based on how much weight the tractor could pull, Terry did 170% of his tractors’ weight


and Evan did 174%. 


No I don’t know what the tractor weighed.  My job is to sit there and film the pull and remember the weight.  The rest is up to them.   🙂   Works for me!  I just have to remember to switch from video to still and sometimes I don’t get that part right.

24 thoughts on “Part of Our Vacation was a Tractor Pull

  1. Welcome back…..hope you had a good vacation. I will not pretend to understand the pull/weight thing, but pulls are always fun to watch, although horse pulls are my favorite….Good to hear from you.


  2. The original type tractor pulls are the most entertaining. The body english by the driver’s is very entertaining. They know that it has no effect on th outcome yet they all do it. Always a great show. It is amazing what 30 horsepower will pull.


  3. Sounds like lots of fun. Fits right into a fun vacation thing for you guys. Tractors and fun not work. (o: I know you are still working hard though. Have you had all the rain that we have here?


  4. Welcome back!! Hope you enjoyed your vacation and time with family and friends.

    A Tractor pull sounds interesting. They have weight pull competitions for dogs, that is about all I know:))


  5. I never thought I’d do it, but here in the south, I’ve been to lawn mower tractor pulls.

    I’m used to big tractor pulls, but this looks so redneck. LOL But I always say, as long as what you do isn’t offensive to the Lord, you should try everything at least once. 😀

    Nice tractor work!



  6. Good grief! What next? However I just love looking at your very interesting reports on farm life in Colorado.
    How it that damn RIR rooster going?

    You’ll have to visit our country soon? Spring is a good time to come especially to sunny and warm QLD.
    Colin (HB)


  7. Hey Linda,
    I hope you had a great vacation – sure missed your posts.
    I love the tractors pulls – the kind you post about, not those loud monster things! I like horse pulls too 🙂

    Glad your back –


  8. Running camera(s) is a complicated job. I still end up taking a lot of video of feet, etc. When I forget the difference between On and Off. 😀 I like those REAL tractors. They have a lot of character and personality.


  9. Running camera(s) is a complicated job. I still end up taking a lot of video of feet, etc. because I can’t remember the difference between ON and OFF. I like your REAL tractors. They have a lot of character and personality. Welcome back.


  10. Nice to have you back!

    I love tractor pulls. They are so awesome. Doesn’t matter what kind so long as it is a tractor and a sled its all good.

    I agree with Tina Marie, horse pulls are awesome too!


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