Signs on the Farm — Tuesday, September 7, 2021

I like it when I can find ditch foam.  It’s not rare but it is unusual. (TLC Cai-Cai is walking with me)

Then there are the NAUGHTY Girls, who broke out of their pasture

Yep.  Not a good sign.

Thankfully I was home and able to catch them and put them back in the corral.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


More on Irrigation Water

Sometimes people get weirded out that farmers waste water, but water is never wasted. (as far as I know).

After we put the water through our fields the water goes back into the canal; rushing to the next farm down the way.  This is the main artery head gate at the end of our place. 


The canal divides the water to go under the road to next set of farms and down the hill to a whole different set of farm.  These big head gates give me vertigo, so I am grateful I don’t EVER have to do anything with it.


This is a cool photo of ditch foam.  I like to find ditch foam.  It is a rare, but not unusual phenomenon, which occurs when conditions are just right.  I found one awhile back and posted about it here.


This photo shows you a head of water let loose and moving quickly.  When you pull up the dam the whole head swooshes down the ditch, so you have to hurry to beat the water to your next set or the water can run over the sides.


Our farm is on a mesa, just above some very interesting canyons.  Last evening we went to Fat Man’s Misery and walked up to Devil’s Kitchen.  The formations here are just amazing.  The last thing you want to happen is to be here when a flash flood occurs.  And they do occur, as you can tell from the standing water.

I am not going to be able to do much posting for a few days now, we have company coming, and a short trip to Dove Creek to visit some friends.  But I will be checking everyone’s blog over this next week, just not planning on doing much posting on mine.

Everything should settle itself down after the 4th of July and return to normal.

Have a nice week and really good 4th of July!