Beneath the Stars and the Bright Lights —- Monday, August 2, 2021

So…just what does a farmer do for fun

You load up your Classic Tractor

(For some reason, I can’t get my actual pull video to show up.)

And you go to a tractor pull; whereby,

He did very well; pulling 76% of his tractor’s weight!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



July 23, 2012

Last weekend was Delta’s annual celebration—Deltarado Days.  It was also Terry’s 50th class reunion


After the parade in the morning was the

170% of the tractor’s weight!  That little 530 John Deere weighs 5,300 pounds.

It was so miserably hot it was hard to enjoy this event.  Although, I had an umbrella it still felt like a cooked hot dog when we finally left.


Part of Our Vacation was a Tractor Pull

Not one of those really fast tractor pulls, but just your plain farm tractor pull.


Both Evan and Terry drove.  Terry had the 530 JD and Evan drove the 730 JD.


The pull was based on how much weight the tractor could pull, Terry did 170% of his tractors’ weight


and Evan did 174%. 


No I don’t know what the tractor weighed.  My job is to sit there and film the pull and remember the weight.  The rest is up to them.   🙂   Works for me!  I just have to remember to switch from video to still and sometimes I don’t get that part right.