Once What Was There is Now Here

The wind came in.  (What am I talking about…we have had strong wind now for most of the year.  Shish!)

Anyway, another strong wind arrived

Lifting all the lose corn leaves and flinging them



And everywhere.

The storm seems to be moving on, so by this weekend maybe I can get this stuff all raked up.

Or…maybe another storm will come in and blow everything far, far, away.

(I think I’m just wasting my time wishing that! 🙂 )


19 thoughts on “Once What Was There is Now Here

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the winds were that accommodating? They always seem to blow the leaves into our front yard as soon as we get them raked up.

    (Love the photos.)


  2. Whoa! I guess! Can you use the leaves for bedding? I have never grown corn before. That would take some wind to do that. We have had a quite a bit of wind this winter but I’m sure it isn’t comparable. Have a great evening!


  3. Linda, I have been catching up with your blog, I can see you have been very busy. Your photos are lovely, such beautiful scenery. I have been remiss in telling you how much I have enjoyed your pinto beans. Now I have to ask, where is your snow? Stay well my friend, Julie.


  4. Reading this post reminded me of the song “They Call the Wind Maria”. I’m afraid you’ll have fun raking once the wind stops — I’ve never known it to blow stuff away from our yard.


  5. Well, you had me fooled into thinking the wind had done you a good deed – after seeing the field of cows with lots of corn leaf litter, followed by the photo of the leaves, apparently all neatly stacked against the fence, I thought, ‘Wow! Isn’t that nifty! Wish the wind here would be a lot more co-operative!’ But then…the next couple of photos told the full story and I thought, ‘Oh, my! Seems the wind is just as wicked and out to annoy you, as our wind does to me, halfway around the world!’

    Wonderful photos 🙂


  6. Heehee, love that! Like the tumbleweeds that mysteriously ended up in my carport and/or tangled in my iron fence out front. I very carefully moved them out where they can go visit the neighbors! 🙂


  7. I remember those Colorado winds. We were in Denver for 10 years. Makes you feel kind’a small.
    But wouldn’t you rather be outside raking corn leaves than chasing dust bunnies under the couch?


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