A Great Wind Passing Through—Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sunday well into early, early Monday morning a great wind came through…bringing with it the cold front we are now experiencing…normal December temperatures. 🙂

The destructive wind picked up all the loose corn leaves (and any other thing) moving them from fields and slamming them onto fences, trees and anything else standing secure and tall.

The whole air rippled in the force of the wind, much like a wee tornado…full of dirt, bits of this and that; causing excitement when it landed in your eyes, ears or mouth.

The gale force winds (gusts up to 40-50 m.p.h.) pushed the bruised and glowering clouds away from us…taking any moisture there might have been to some place else…not here.


Now today, with shivery weather, blue skies and calm air…we welcome in traditional winter cold! It was 10* at our house this morning. (-12.22 celsius)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Once What Was There is Now Here

The wind came in.  (What am I talking about…we have had strong wind now for most of the year.  Shish!)

Anyway, another strong wind arrived

Lifting all the lose corn leaves and flinging them



And everywhere.

The storm seems to be moving on, so by this weekend maybe I can get this stuff all raked up.

Or…maybe another storm will come in and blow everything far, far, away.

(I think I’m just wasting my time wishing that! 🙂 )