The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Farming

Well, here it is! The end of the farming season!  Boomer and I have been helping Mom do all her chores while Dad harvests the last of the crops.  He is combining corn, even as I speak.

As for Mom and Boom and I well we are in charge of ditches.

Sometime in the afternoon we all head off to one of the ditches…Boomer has decided that he likes to run, sometimes ahead of the four-wheeler and sometimes beside and even sometimes following.  He rides when he gets tired, but only then, he doesn’t really like to ride.

Following isn’t very good; I don’t think….it’s the spot where you eat dust all the time.

I used to run alongside….sometimes I feel really good and run a short distance alongside Mom and bark, but mostly I don’t.  I really like to go, though, so Mom always takes me. Since I can’t jump anymore Mom picks me up and puts me on the back of the four-wheeler.  She has a really neat carpet there that I can lay on or stand on however I feel like doing.

Sometimes I don’t even want to get off, but when we are at the ditches she makes me get off and at least sit by the four-wheeler.  She says there might be a mouse or two to chase.

Yesterday was a big day…Dad had a bolt break on the tail gate of the big truck…he lost lots of corn,

but the good thing was he was still in the field when the tail gate broke.

We all went over to help him.

After he got it fixed and he left for the elevator, we picked up most of the corn and put into buckets to dump back into the truck.   We had to leave some because the elevator doesn’t like rocks in the corn.

Mom said the wild creatures will enjoy the corn anyway.

After that we went to the corn field Dad was getting ready to start on and Mom started picking up and a stacking the irrigation tubes.

I stayed by the four-wheeler

and Boomer ran around sniffing stuff.

Once Boomer found a really cool poop to roll in but Mom yelled at him…I ran over as fast has my stiff back legs would take me, but Mom beat me too it and buried it.

Darn it!

Both Boom and I agreed it was a really cool poop, even had hair in it…smelled of coyotes. If we could have rolled in it and peeped on it the coyotes would have known some really tuff dogs live and work on this farm.

Mom was busy picking up the tubes and stacking them when suddenly three field mice ran out of the tubes.  She didn’t really like it because she was carrying the tubes at the time.

I was on them in a flash!  I forgot all about my stiff legs and hard to move hips…

Boomer was way down a corn row but I barked at him and he came running.

I got the first one of the three, and then we kept following Mom and waiting for her to drop another one out of the tube.  She got smart and started shaking the tubes before she put them into her arms.

What a blast!

We caught several mice.

Then Mom started picking up the dams…..NESTS!  NESTS OF MICE!!

Oh joy, joy, joy!

Tomorrow we are going way up to the upper end and doing the little hay field, then after that is the bean field.  Boomer and I can look forward to at least two more days of catching mice, err helping on the farm.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I sure plan too!



14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Farming

  1. Fuzzy, you’re my kind of dog….I love to sit and watch people work!! ha! Lucky says to tell you good goin’ on catching the mice. She enjoys them too. The kitties just like to play with them and then sometimes they get away…silly cats!
    Sounds like you all are working very hard before winter comes…hope the corn is out soon, then you can see the coyotes coming better. 🙂
    Here’s a a pet and hug for you and Boomer!


  2. Fuzzy you’re the best buddy. And let me tell you that you and I have so much in common. The biggest being that this old dog like you continues to find enjoyment and pleasure with small everyday happenings and easily get excited about other stuff we’ve not seen before and try to find out more about it. I’m not with you on the poop thing though.

    FYI – I have stolen this in it’s entirety Linda. I have to share this.


  3. Really laughed to imagine the mice flying out of the tubes while your mom was carrying them. That would have made great video, I’m sure. Hope the weather holds until the corn is in. Sorry to see the spilled corn, but the mice who escaped the dogs will love it.


  4. Hey, Fuzzy!! It’s good to hear from you. I love your blogs about all the things that you do. Take care of yourself and have a good Thanksgiving!!!


  5. Fuzzy, it’s obvious that Mom and Dad are lucky to have you and Boomer to help out on the farm. I really don’t know what they would do without you. It’s too bad Dad had trouble with the truck, and I hope he doesn’t lose any more corn. It sounds as if you did a great job with the mice.


  6. What a cool blog! Having been born in Delta, it has a special meaning to me! Descriptions of life on a Delta farm! There is too much development in the Grand Valley. Maybe I’ll pass your farm on the way from Continental Divide NM to Grand Junction when I go home to see my mom and brothers. Good work.


  7. Around here spilled corn would mean Happy Thanksgiving for the Canadian geese. I tried to get some pix of Dow Chemical Company harvesting their experimental corn field. They did it by hand with lots of people pushing big bins. I guess they didn’t want a single seed to escape. (Me neither, it’s not like I trust Dow.) Anyway, the corn’s all in, the fields are plowed and ready for winter, and there will be 3 days rest until Thanksgiving, when the farmers start selling Christmas trees. Is Terry planning to actually retire? I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a farmer doing that.


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