The End of the 2011 Harvest

Finally we made it….done!  Finished!  The 2011 year of crops are harvested and sold.  Even, what hay we save out to be sold is sold!

Now different work starts…repairs to the machines, fences and buildings.  Always the fences need checked, but we have finally finished.  This year was good.  Nothing like last year that seemed to go on and on and on.  The last of the corn wasn’t harvest until in December, then we couldn’t sell it until the end of March.

Terry was thinking of getting out of farming…but guess what?!  He said he thinks he will go another year.  (Then there will be another year…when you have dirt for blood I don’t think you ever really want to give in and stop.)

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Have a nice Sunday everyone!


14 thoughts on “The End of the 2011 Harvest

  1. I wish when people sit down to a meal that they had some true idea of where their food comes from, and it doesn’t just materialize on grocery shelves. I married in to a family of dairy farmers in NY, my middle daughter is now part of a family who raise corn and soybeans in MN and her husband sells IH farm machinery for a large firm in sw Minnesota. I know the kind of 24/7 kind of life it can be and often is. So, thank you for the breakfast I just had, and the dinner I will fix for my family tonight. :o)


  2. Linda, you and Terry deserve an awful lot of thanks and admiration for hanging in there. I know you don’t do it for the money — or the glory. It sure bothers me to see farmers have to struggle year after year just to get by, and every year a few more don’t make it. So — Thank You!
    And thanks also for the great photos — especially the ones with Grand Mesa or the Uncompahgre Plateau in the background. That one of the Lake at Confluence Park is just incredible — professional quality. (Of course, I remember when that area was mostly the Holly Sugar plant.)
    Anyway, I sure appreciate your continuing to provide a link to home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Gary West


  3. Dirt in the veins is what makes a country great. It’s what keeps people who love land going. Because work never really ends. It just changes. Happy for you that the field work is over and for your success in selling your crops.


  4. Linda, Glad to hear this harvest year has ended well. Cheers to you and Terry. I do hope you two can put your feet up for a day or two anyway! Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings from Maine, Julie.


  5. So glad you are done! We are forecasted to get drizzle then rain tonight. Have 1 1/2 farms to go to get the cotton all in for me. Want the rain AND want to cotton out too…how is that for being ambivalent?!
    Yes, ‘soil’ in a farmers blood! Am familiar with that! They need to be out digging in the dirt.


  6. What glorious news for your whole family! Thanks for all you do to keep food on my table!! I know where my food comes from and it’s from folks like you. 🙂 I hope you have a joyous holiday tomorrow.


  7. It is so hard to give up what is so much a part of you. The land is so important. Our ties to it are so deep. I’m glad you will be going another year….


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