As the Sun Moves Through—-Thursday, July 25, 2019

Although Terry is not ‘farming’ this year, there is always something to do out on the land

There are ‘things’ which must be done, no matter what, if a person wishes to keep the farm in good repair

Which means fences must be checked and maintained,

(This is an old photo from 2015, but it gives you an idea of the fire road.

but it gives you an idea of the fire road.)

the farm fire road in good and serviceable condition

And repairs here and there on this and that.

But one thing about not being on the production part of the farm is there is time.

Which is a very nice thing when one is 70 and the other is 75.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Land Calls—Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh! Jolly!  This the LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!  YIPPEE!!

Combine-ready-to-goTerry and I have been working on the corn combine…little repairs here and there.  Yes, I help, invariably we come into the house with cuts and bruises, but it’s getting finished.  Ready for next years harvest.  As I write this he is putting in the last couple of bolts.


Saturday afternoon he started on repairing the heater in the grain truck. It’s very cold sitting down at the elevator withOUT a heater.

farming-starts.jpgWell, I think you have now guessed the answer to the million dollar question—Terry is going to farm.

“Are you sure?” I asked.  Worry in my voice and concern on my face.

“I’m sure. There are still things I want to do on the place, stuff I want to improve on, things that need my attention.” he replied with a huge smile.


“Only stuff I will do, not someone else.”

Planting-alfalfaI need to tear up the old alfalfa field and reseed a new field, take the dirt ditch and turn it into a cement ditch….fix fences so Hank’s cows can come again—if it’s rented out Hank has to take his cows someplace else.


“I really can’t see myself sitting around.”

“But you won’t sit around, you have tons of projects you want to work on, not related to farming.”


” I know.  I truly think I have dirt for blood.”

Sunset and combine 1So there you have it!  We begin again.  At least for one more year.  As long the body and mind can keep going.  We will keep farming on this farm created many years ago by Terry’s grandfather (purchased by us), until time demands stopping.

Changing-Water-at-Sunset-2Your friend  on a western Colorado farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Getting Ready

Dad, Mom, and I put the farm to bed this week.

Ditches-1We picked up all the syphon tubes and worked on fences.


It’s time, you see.


Time to put the farm to bed, button all the hatches, and get ready for the cows to come!


Mom is very excited that we are close to getting the cows.  Mom says having the cows here helps her get past winter faster.  She also likes seeing the baby calves popping out here and there on the farm.


So this week we’ve been really busy…getting ready.


Confused Weather–Tuesday, January 13, 2015

rain.jpgLook at this weather!  Typical of summer, but not the middle of January!

More-RainAnd…it really isn’t all that cold—it’s 35* (I think that is 1.66 in celsius ???) right now. The ratty and tired snow is now gone and huge mud puddles in it’s place.  There is no really working outside in this. (Although, I will still need to haul wood for the fireplace.)

Yesterday Terry and I did some maintenance jobs around the yard involving the chain saw, we were able to do them without moisture—snow or rain.

We still have a list of chores that needs to be done and soon…one of them is to put a new roof on the tilehouse, another is to finish hooking up the wood stove in one of the shops, and of course the fences all need to be walked and checked.  The ditch company is very bad about just cutting the fence, if they want in …drives us bats.  We have gates—sure they might have to walk a short distance to get to the gate (we leave them open during farming season) and then walk another short distance to get where ever it is they want to be.  But no…they just cut the four strands of barbed wire – down the fences go and in they walk. Sure is disrespectful and (basically) lazy.

Anyway… (this is a summer rain photo with a Boomer nose on the side)Drain

I will enjoy this sorta–like summer rain and do some baking.  It will be nice to get caught back up on my house stuff.

Your friend,



Busy We Are

I don’t know what it is about a farm that can collect lots of junk on it.

Well, maybe I should say I don’t know about Terry and I — we seem to collect ‘stuff’.

All the time.

You just never know when you might need a part off of something, or maybe we will get around to fixing this item up so we keep it, or the kids bring us something that we really don’t want and don’t know what to do with so we keep it.

But now…44 years of collecting…has to end!

We’ve been cleaning.



And getting rid of stuff.

I call the kids….you want….okay we are getting rid of it.  Oh, you want it…then we will bring it to your house–you get to keep it.

On and on we go…gradually everything is starting to improve, which is good.

I’m very tired of all the ‘stuff’/junk/trash around here.

I’m just about done painting all the fences and the outbuildings also.

Next week I will start on the outside of the house.

I don’t understand this need to fix and clean stuff up…but I’m going to follow the urge for as long as it takes me.

I really like this feeling of CLEAN!


Working on the Burn Area

Saturday, Evan came out to help Terry and I clean up

some of the charred and burned trees, shrubs and fences around and on the alfalfa hill, it took us all day, but it sure was worth it.

We have three more knolls to go and 6 little hollows, plus the two miles of property fence line on the West side of the place.

Of course we still haven’t heard any more from the insurance guy and the Ditch Company must be way too busy to come through on the North and East side of the place.

We are lucky that we don’t have any cows this year as this fence issue would be a huge problem.  We can work on everything as we have time, which really does help.

If any of the grandchildren showed up, I put them to work 🙂  Two of them came for about an hour at a time.  First one showed up then the other.  Having them help pick up wire and broken stubs and charred fence posts with me was rather nice.

They would stay for a time, but this kind of work is hot, dirty and tiring

I think it does their little souls good….helping out the old folks!  🙂

The sunset last night was outstanding, a cloud cover was drifting in for today so as the sun sank everything turned rose and pink!


The End of the 2011 Harvest

Finally we made it….done!  Finished!  The 2011 year of crops are harvested and sold.  Even, what hay we save out to be sold is sold!

Now different work starts…repairs to the machines, fences and buildings.  Always the fences need checked, but we have finally finished.  This year was good.  Nothing like last year that seemed to go on and on and on.  The last of the corn wasn’t harvest until in December, then we couldn’t sell it until the end of March.

Terry was thinking of getting out of farming…but guess what?!  He said he thinks he will go another year.  (Then there will be another year…when you have dirt for blood I don’t think you ever really want to give in and stop.)

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Have a nice Sunday everyone!