The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —2011 Onward

It’s been cold here!  Very cold!  We got down to -7* one night. It’s been so cold that when you go outside, well, heck…your nostrils sticks together.  Now that’s a hard thing to do when you have a DOG Nose!!! 🙂

Freddy Fox has been seen out in the corn field hunting mice, Mom says he sure is beautiful, but he had better stay out there and not come inside the yard.  Then she looks Fuzzy and I straight in the eye and says: “You boys had better guard the chickens well!”

We wag our tails really hard and look sincerely back into her eyes and try with everything in us to tell her ‘WE WILL!”

The snow is still pretty deep, but we walk with Mom every day checking out things, yesterday I went by myself over the hill and the dale clear to the coyote area, sniffed around a lot.  Sure were lots to learn….two of the coyotes are going to have pups, coyotes are pretty interesting.  When Mom found out I was out there she called me to come home.  I sort of got in trouble for bothering my neighbors.  She said now the coyotes have MY sent and she hopes they don’t come looking for ME!

Who would have thought such a thing?

Then last night Dad came inside saying the coyotes sure where whopping and hollering over in the coyote dell.  Mom gave me a very stern look.


Some people just don’t understand that I won’t get hurt. I’m just interested in learning things.

Shish!  Huff!  Stomp, Stomp! Huff!

Every evening the fog rolls in, and then in the morning we have hoar frost everywhere.  Pretty but COLD!

Then yesterday we had a change, it warmed up to 34* and we got MELT!  Melt!  Whoo hoo!!!

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Since it’s the end of the year Fuzzy and I thought we would give you our Goals for 2012

  1. If the going gets rough…hang with your people—they will need you
  2. If you see your people upset, roll over and let them pet your tummy.  They will forget whatever it is that is making them frown
  3. Always be ready for a walk.  Be sure to take your people, they forget to go outside and smell the smells and see the footprints on the earth
  4. Every time you see your loved ones put on a happy face, wag your tail, wag your whole body…everyone loves to be loved
  5. Don’t worry about the little stuff….heck; don’t even worry about the big stuff.  Be happy right where you are.
  6. Sleep as close to your people as you can get, it always produces sweet dreams
  7. If you are tired, take a nap.  Works wonders every time

Happy New Year Everyone….2012 is sure to be a great year!

Boomer and Fuzzy


16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —2011 Onward

  1. Boomer and Fuzzy, you are amazing dogs!! Take care of yourselves, please. Your Mom and Dad are lucky to have you. I like your beds. They look comfortable. Happy New Year to you and your people and the other animals!!!


  2. Oh Boomer! You and Fuzzy are just so cute! Do listen to Mom and watch out for those coyotes though. Sometimes they like to play tricks on dogs by luring them away and then pack attacking them. They’re much, much smarter than you think or than most humans give them credit for.

    Hope you and Fuzzy meet all of your goals for the new year!


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