Sunday Stills—2012

The challenge for Sunday Stills is to post your favorite photo from 2011 and your photographic hopes for 2012.

I actually liked this one that I took this morning…I love the colors and the crisp feeling it provokes.

I hope to be able to continue to ‘see’ what I’m photographing—looking for lines, lights, and colors. And apply it to people.

I’m still learning how to photograph people…it’s a skill I would love to have.

Have a wonderful 2012…It doesn’t seem possible we are here.  When I was in the first grade this year seemed ages and ages away.




20 thoughts on “Sunday Stills—2012

  1. Hi LInda, Happy New Year!!!!! We went out to an early dinner last night (Catfish Cabin–yum). Then we just stayed at home, watched TV, saw the ball drop in NYC, talked to the kids on the phone, and just had our own celebration… Stayed up ’til after midnight…. Yeah!!!!

    Gorgeous photos…


  2. You’ve given us a wonderful start for 2012 with both of these pictures. I really like your first one very much, but the second is simply adorable. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful pictures this year.


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