The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —January

The January Thaw has arrived!  Boom and I love January Thaws…it warms up ya see.

It warms up enough that I don’t like sleeping in the house.  I go outside (I know how to open the back door and go out, Boomer has NEVER figured it out.  HEE HEE) and sleep in my dog house.

Now I have to admit sometimes I go out and want to come back in sooner than when Mom comes looking for me.  See I go out when I get hot, that can be when everyone is asleep in the house.  Then I have to wait until Sam the cat wants out——he jumps on the bed and runs all over Mom to wake her up so she will let him out — or Mom just gets up.  Mom always comes to check on us dogs and if I’m not there she knows I’m in the dog house.

When you are old you can’t curl up like you use to be able to do….so I scratch up my dog blankets real good and waller down real deep in them.  Even though the dog houses are covered up with lots of blankets and stuff, when the night runs on into morning…well, then, I want to come inside and sleep on my orthopedic bed.

So sometimes I have to wait.

Anyhoo, where was I?

Oh, yes!

The January Thaw is here!!!  The days have warmed up considerable.  Boom and I have taken to checking out things, you know…who has been walking on our property, what sort of news is on the corn stalks and maybe just maybe we can find Freddy Fox’s house.

Boomer is never still….he runs EVERYWHERE!  Up and down and back.  He runs off and then comes to find me.

(Actually, I like that he comes back and checks on me, I sometimes slip and sprawl a little bit so I have to wait until everything stops hurting and gets back to usable.)

We smelled lots of bird tracks, we even flushed up a pheasant hen and her guy…those birds are LOUD!  Finding them was pretty nice; we haven’t had pheasants on the places for about three years.  Boomer supposed to be a hunt’n dog but he didn’t even understand what happened.  Just ran on, nose to the ground.  I stopped and pointed so Mom could see.  (She was with us.)

On we went over to the equipment area, then up to the back 40, then over to the Upper End which is where I found it……………………………!!!!

Freddy Foxes hidey hole!

Pretty cool!

I was clear inside when Mom got there….I didn’t want to get out, but she made me.  Boom never saw it, so I told him all about it when we were resting in the sun later.

When we got back to the house Mom said we had better enjoy this because it is supposed to snow Saturday and colder weather will follow.

Mom asked if we wanted to come inside, but Boomer and I decided we wanted to hang outside. Even Sam the Cat hung with us.  Sam rolled around in the sawdust by the wood pile and Boomer and I lay in the sun next to the house.

Sure is nice, these warmer temperatures.


14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —January

  1. I’m not so sure I’d like the snow. I’ve never even seen snow. I was born in Tempe, AZ so that makes me a warm weather dog. I think if we moved to someplace cold my mama would let my fur grow out so I would be warm. Probably not as warm as you, Fuzzy. I sure hope she wouldn’t make me wear one of those funny coats for dogs though. Enjoy the warm weather.


  2. Happy Friday, Loved reading this-it brought a smile and giggle to my lips. Hope your pups enjoyed the thaw because snow is due tomorrow and Sunday. I’m really liking the warm weather too, so is our old Reggie. Have a great weekend friend.


  3. What fun you guys have! Nick came in covered with burdocks this morning so I guess he was out adventuring too. Anyhow best wishes for lots of thaws and nice weather and plenty of good things to find.


  4. Fuzzy, I am very impressed. it only got to 20 degrees, no snow, and all the dogs spent there time lying on the floor in front of the woodstove. Even acting disgruntled if they were asked to move so another log could be put on. Kudos to you!
    Stevie @


  5. I enjoyed your post today, Fuzzy. I look forward to Fridays to read what you dogs post. You are brave dogs to stay outside when it is so cold. Do be careful around Freddie’s den. Listen to your mom. Until next Friday, have fun, enjoy the thaw!!!


  6. Glad you’ve got snow. It makes everything outside so bright and soft, even if it is cold. Love the photo of Boomer running and you in the fox’s den. Boomer may be a hound but your nose knows.

    We still have record warms with no end in sight here in Idaho. Weird!


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