In the Sigh of the Wind the Birds Sing —- Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The glitter of birds make our world so lovely and bright

Their joy and excitement of just being alive

The lift of their wings

Make me feel as if I am right there with them

Riding the wind

From my heart to your world,



This One is About the Birds—-Tuesday, April 23, 2019

On my walk, last evening three cranes settled down.  They seem to have decided to stay here instead of migrating.

Works for me!

The crows are working the farm over for something to eat

They are hard to photograph as they scatter quicklyy

Yesterday was lovely and warm so I put out two hummingbird feeders

Within twenty minutes I had a little Blackchin male followed quickly by his mate. (The photo is terrible; they were very shy and I couldn’t get a good shot)

As the evening started to fall down upon the earth the little birds took to their nighttime perch.  For some reason, they have roosted here all fall, winter and they are still roosting in the large rose bush.

As the night grows darker they flutter way deep inside.


This morning on the way to the headgate

a pheasant took off in front of us

And joyfully, joyfully…the last of the birds has arrived!  The Barn Swallows!

We are on our way to much warmer weather!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— My Ordinary Day

Nothing much is happening here.  No adventures, no real worries, nothing that a good beagle can’t deal with.


Just Ordinary Days.

We like ordinary days.

Ordinary days…don’t have big problems to solve,

Or scary coyotes to deal with,

Or something hard to handle.

They just have the ordinary things to do:

Go with Mom and do whatever she is doing.  Which means I follow behind and sit and watch Mom, while she does what she does

Or I sniff around getting the news, while mom does whatever she does

Anytime Mom gets on the four-wheeler I’m right there to go with her, all wadded up on the back seat with my body touching her body so she knows I’m safe.

Sometimes I sit up straight and help Mom drive…I lend her my nose so she can go where the best smells are.

Then when she is ‘doing’ something out on the farm, I take off and check out all the happenings going on from the last time I was up there two hours ago.

Sometimes I scare up a pheasant or two

Sometimes some Quail, or rabbits. Or the summer geese.  But I never chase any of them.  Mom say’s I’m a strange beagle, beagle usually like to hunt animals.

Well, not this beagle.  I just like to gather news.

Once Mom left me up at the Upper End (because I didn’t want to go back home just then).

It was HOT walking all the way back home.  I need to remind myself when Mom calls and I hear the four-wheeler start…I NEED to get back to Mom.  The walk home this time of year is long and hot!

But the most wondrous time of ‘just ordinary days’

is when the UPS driver comes down the long lane to our farm house!

That is the best barking joy I can ever think of! (and if it’s the nice UPS driver, I always get a treat!)


Corn Dinner Pheasant Style—-Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pheasant-holes-1Terry, Boomer and I walked out to the middle field, to check on how the corn was doing.  I lugged along my yellow bucket of soaked corn.  We soak up dried corn; making it soft so the pheasants and deer will eat it instead of eating the sprouted seeds.

I missed a couple of days due to the rain and extreme mud.  That is all it took…see those holes…that is pheasant beaks pecking into the row looking for just sprouting corn.

Pheasant-holes-2This is an up close and personal hole…you can even see the little roots left after those starving pheasant cobbled up the soft corn.


Anyway…I scattered 40 pounds of nice soft corn everywhere I could see pheasant poop. It will keep them busy for two days, after which I will take more up to them.  Once the little leaves make it to the surface the pheasants will leave the corn alone.

The next worry won’t occur until the corn starts to grow an ear, then the deer come out in force…nothing yummier to deer than the corn silks.

Gabol's-QuailI saw this delightful little Gambol’s Quail when I was scattering seed.  These little birds will enjoy some soft corn also. I love hearing their calls.  Go here to hear them for yourself.

The rains are leaving today.  The earth is green and rich and lush.  The time has come for me to get busy outside again.

I hope your day is a good one!

Your friend,



Living Each Moment in Joy— Thursday, April 14, 2016

“The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.”–Henry Van Dyke

Farm-yard-cloudI have mentioned more than once that I want to live this last time of my life (however long it is going to be) experiencing joy.  Joy in ever moment of every day that is left to me.

Desert-RainbowI said this to a friend awhile back and she asked me: “Just how do you plan on doing that”?

I replied, “Just take one moment at a time.”


She just shook her head at me and went on her way.

Since that moment I’ve been thinking about what my answer really should have been to her:  “Take each moment, each and every moment and make sure to only allow joy to be part of the moment.”

Oh, yes, I’ve had some hard moments this year, some moments where I’ve been panicked, and even had a sit down good cry.  I’ve had some over-whelming moments when I’ve even been depressed, or any-of-those-things that make up everyday inter-actions with others.



But on the whole I do believe I am getting the hang of this experiencing of Joy every moment of every day of the rest of my life.  How I am doing it is this—– I am NOT allowing myself to focus up those things which do not feel good.  When they come into my life, or slip into my thoughts I mentally go: snip, snip cutting out the thought.  So far it’s working for me.
PheasantLife is just too short for me (now) to not experience the Joy of each and every day, within each hour and moment.

This is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful world we live in!  Beauty abounds everywhere. There are outstanding people to visit with and ‘experiences’ to experience to waste my moments in ‘bad thoughts’ or to harbor bad feelings.

And yes there are terrible things happening to other humans and animals, those things break my heart.  If there is something, anything, even a small tiny thing, then I try to do it. To help heal the misery and hurt of animals or others.

If I physically can’t help, then I mentally send hugs and prayers in the hope and belief if the world would all get to place of care —and leave this place of I HAVE TO DOMINATE YOU—everyone and everything could also experience joy.
On-a-Ditch-Bank-1Well, there it is…how I am experiencing joy in my every moment of the rest of the days of my life. I’m sure I will get some hate emails, that is the risk I’m taking to put this out there.  But I’m equally sure I will get positive emails which will over-power the ugly.  It’s those comments of goodness I will focus on and the other I will spam!  🙂

With love your friend,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —January

The January Thaw has arrived!  Boom and I love January Thaws…it warms up ya see.

It warms up enough that I don’t like sleeping in the house.  I go outside (I know how to open the back door and go out, Boomer has NEVER figured it out.  HEE HEE) and sleep in my dog house.

Now I have to admit sometimes I go out and want to come back in sooner than when Mom comes looking for me.  See I go out when I get hot, that can be when everyone is asleep in the house.  Then I have to wait until Sam the cat wants out——he jumps on the bed and runs all over Mom to wake her up so she will let him out — or Mom just gets up.  Mom always comes to check on us dogs and if I’m not there she knows I’m in the dog house.

When you are old you can’t curl up like you use to be able to do….so I scratch up my dog blankets real good and waller down real deep in them.  Even though the dog houses are covered up with lots of blankets and stuff, when the night runs on into morning…well, then, I want to come inside and sleep on my orthopedic bed.

So sometimes I have to wait.

Anyhoo, where was I?

Oh, yes!

The January Thaw is here!!!  The days have warmed up considerable.  Boom and I have taken to checking out things, you know…who has been walking on our property, what sort of news is on the corn stalks and maybe just maybe we can find Freddy Fox’s house.

Boomer is never still….he runs EVERYWHERE!  Up and down and back.  He runs off and then comes to find me.

(Actually, I like that he comes back and checks on me, I sometimes slip and sprawl a little bit so I have to wait until everything stops hurting and gets back to usable.)

We smelled lots of bird tracks, we even flushed up a pheasant hen and her guy…those birds are LOUD!  Finding them was pretty nice; we haven’t had pheasants on the places for about three years.  Boomer supposed to be a hunt’n dog but he didn’t even understand what happened.  Just ran on, nose to the ground.  I stopped and pointed so Mom could see.  (She was with us.)

On we went over to the equipment area, then up to the back 40, then over to the Upper End which is where I found it……………………………!!!!

Freddy Foxes hidey hole!

Pretty cool!

I was clear inside when Mom got there….I didn’t want to get out, but she made me.  Boom never saw it, so I told him all about it when we were resting in the sun later.

When we got back to the house Mom said we had better enjoy this because it is supposed to snow Saturday and colder weather will follow.

Mom asked if we wanted to come inside, but Boomer and I decided we wanted to hang outside. Even Sam the Cat hung with us.  Sam rolled around in the sawdust by the wood pile and Boomer and I lay in the sun next to the house.

Sure is nice, these warmer temperatures.