Sunday Stills—Trees

This lucky assignment happened just in the nick of time.  I was going to post my February Trees (I’m taking photos of the same trees at the same time every month—just so I can see the movement of the seasons.)

So here it is the last Sunday of the month and the Sunday Stills assignment is TREES!  YEA!

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My last post of these very same trees can be seen here complete with snow on the ground!

We are almost to March, not long now.  Terry said he will start farming in three weeks.  Lots of the big farmers are already working up the ground.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Stills—Trees

  1. I love this idea, I should do something similar and link it back to yours then we can see how things progress in different areas, only if that is OK with you though and maybe we could synchronise! Just like you i am on the edge of my seat waiting for the spring, it might be nice today i hope so!


  2. Happy Sunday Linda, Love seeing your tree, it looks like many of ours-bare. Of course if there were any blossoms they would have blown away by now-we’ve had horrid wind gusts since Friday.
    Also, I have a linky on my sidebar for friends who use wordpress and not blogger-that way you can still comment on my blog if you want to join it.
    Hugs, Noreen


  3. Ah, but your trees have felt enough sun to push out some buds. You WILL have spring soon. Nothing like that here, although days of south wind has turned the snow to ponds.


  4. I see the little buds! I love your header!! Wiley coyote….
    Field work is going great guns here, but planting won’t be till May.


  5. Hi Linda, We are in Arkansas tonight —and I couldn’t get over seeing all of the blossoms on the fruit trees in this area. They are at least 2 or more weeks ahead of us at home… When we left home this morning it was 25 degrees at home. Here in Arkansas–it got up to about 68 today!!!!! WOW—spring is coming!


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