The Day From H#%%

A neighbor of ours (2 miles away) decided that today (with 20-30 m.p.h. wind and gusts of wind) was an excellent day to burn one of his ditches.

Well, he got the ditch burnt that is for sure, and the neighbors farm and our farm.

Terry and I are just sick!  Sick, sick, sick!

It took the Delta Fire Department, the Olathe Fire Department, the Cedaredge Fire Department and the Lands End Fire Department from Whitewater to put the fire out. (If you get out a map you will see how far some of them had to come to help)

The fire reached our place at 2:30 that afternoon with fire jumping and running over all of our pastures, hillsides and into the corn fields.  THANK GOD!!! Terry had disked the ends of the corn or it would have ran right to our house.

The fire also ate it’s way right up to our kids’ barns and chicken house….we had to load up and move out all the goats, chickens, dogs and cats.  One of the next door neighbors took Tally, the other kids were in school for part of the time.

The sheriff department had all three roads blocked off from traffic as the smoke was so thick seeing was next to impossible.

The rancher and his daughter and her boyfriend came up and rounded up the cows and calves to keep them out of harms way.

The fire was finally put down at 6:30 that evening.  Terry’s equipment was saved, the buildings were saved and no animals lost their lives that we are aware of.

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Terry and I are sick about the loss of the centuries old Chico and Sagebrush, the ancient cactus.  What will happen now is the invasive weeds will take over.



40 thoughts on “The Day From H#%%

  1. Oh I am sooo sorry!!! What a sad thing. I knew the fire season was up on us. We see some ditches burning and I wonder how they are brave enough to do it. Wind comes and goes … high and low… so scary. I am so glad no one was hurt. Your houses made it through… but I so understand you are mourning a loss!!!


  2. I am so sorry! Can the idiot who started the fire be held accountable? Was there a burn ban in place, or he just didn’t use common sense? “You can’t fix stupid.”


  3. The farmer that started the fire and was unable to control it should be held liable in some way. At least for the cost of the Fire Departments coming..around here if a fire gets away from you then you hope they don’t call the helicopter to drop water because that is 10,000 and the landowner gets charged. I am very sorry Linda, if the fire burned hot enough some of the weed seed will be killed..but it leaves the soil so exposed to erosion..I hope you get some rain soon. It is good that you had lots of fire departments to come..a prairie fire is never glad there was no loss of life:)


  4. Oh, Linda, that is awful! Your land is so lovely and you both clearly care so much about it. I am glad no lives were lost and that you saved your home, but how terribly heart breaking. I am so sorry.


  5. What a terrible loss for everyone. It’s hard to believe that someone who depends on the land could be so stupid and irresponsible. I hope he has to bear some financial burden for the decimation of the land, but I’m sure the guilt he bears will last forever.


  6. Your comment about loosing the cactus and being taking over by weeds points out the difference in eco systems. Here in the flinthills, we use fire to control the invasive weeds and promote our tall stem grass. But carefully controlled, as in not when the wind is wild.


  7. Hi there, With all the winds all over Colorado I am surprised that someone would risk the fire danger. I understand that sometimes you need to burn off the old but really during the windiest part of the year? So very thankful none of your animals, house or out buildings or equipment were destroyed, so thankful that you and your hubby are alright.


  8. Oh my goodness. I’m SO glad you all are ok and no lives were lost. What a hugely scary thing fire is.
    We just had a big fire down here due to the same thing. Winds gusting 40-50mph and some idiot decides to “do a burn”. It’s just dumb.
    Glad you’re ok though. Really glad!!!


  9. I’m SO sorry to read of this tragedy!! We deal with fires here in Oklahoma. Perhaps the old plants will come back. If the farmer who started it can be cited, it doesn’t bring back the things that were lost. At least weeds would stop the erosion. Thinking of you…..


  10. I am so sorry! Glad you and yours are OK, but sad about the rest. I didn’t even know Land’s End had a fire department. Thank God for all those firefighters!


  11. Sorry to hear about this tragedy. Pasture is certainly a loss. As far as burning is concerned…these areas historically were burned regularly. It was a way of keeping invasive species out. Many of the native plants can withstand some fire. So I don’t think it’s all bad.The total chaos and danger is what is horrible. Hope you’re able to put things back together.
    We had a major grass fire south of Calgary in Jan. A number of farmsteads were destroyed. A feedlot had to be emptied.


  12. OH Linda, I am so sorry.. Your post made me cry… I am glad though that you all and your animals and home are okay.. Praise God for that…

    Our love and prayers are with you —all of you.

    God Bless.
    Betsy and George


  13. OmG, I’m in tears… I am so sorry for you. Had the same thing happen at the north end of our valley (high wind and everything)… so glad that you and T and everyone is safe. I don’t understand what goes through some folks heads. Sending love and hugz your way.


  14. So very glad no lives were lost as far as you know.
    It is so very sad that so much other ‘life’ was lost.
    How people can be so ignorant is beyond me.
    Everything lost is irreplaceable, but I hope the person can be held accountable somehow; though that will mean little for you who lost what you did.

    *hugs* God bless. ♥


  15. So, so sorry, Linda!!! We had a lightning ignited fire burn a few years back and it was SCARY! So glad that you and your home/animals are all okay!!! I’m sure I would have seen the fire from our deck if I had been home. Thinking of you!!!



  16. Thank goodness you both and all of your family are safe and still with rooves over your heads! I am sorry you have to deal with such a mess so soon after the loss of your mother in law. Hoping you all find strength to forgive such a huge misjudgement on your neighbour’s part and find peace in that. He will no doubt be burdened with guilt, and a hefty bill from the regional fire districts, eh? Hoping the sheriff will take his propane tanks and matches away too. 🙂



  17. The stupidity of some people really scares me!! I am so glad to hear you are ok and that your family, homes and animals are ok. That stinks about the land and loss of trees and such!


  18. How awful. Yes, I can see that it would be the day from H#%%. It’s easy to say at least no animals were killed, yada, yada, yada…. but as you pointed out, so much plant life that takes forever to get established has been wiped out.


  19. My heart goes out to you 😦 {{{{hugs}}}} There was a fire north of here yesterday and we had horrible winds to move it on. They got it out and I have’t heard how much damage yet. Last night there was lightning to the north of us (with the wind still howling) and I almost went out and hooked up the fire wagon just in case. I’ll be glad when Terril’s back home.


  20. Oh, Linda and Terry, I am so sorry about the fire and your loss. Fires coming at you can be so scarey and one can sure feel helpless against a big one like that. Glad all the animals are o.k., but what a job you had in getting everything moved out of there. Know you must be exhausted AND frustrated.
    Take care, my friends!


  21. Meanwhile, in California, you can’t even put a log in your fireplace unless the government says it’s okay. I know what it’s like to have to move animals, we do that when there’s flooding. It’s very stressful on everyone – people and animals alike. I don’t know about your farming community, but in mine the perpetrator would hear about his mistake for years to come. Is there anywhere you can spread some wildflower seed? With spring coming, it might give you something bright to look forward to.


  22. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that! I’m glad no one (including pets and livestock) were hurt. So sad about the old growth and pasture lands. I’ll cross my fingers that some of those cacti are still alive inside the burnt stumps and will fight to come back.


  23. Linda – it is such joy to hear of those who stopped their day and forgot their differences, to help troubled ranchers round-up, rescue each other, animals, equipment, and buildings, and move what they could to a secure safe space – while dousing the scattered consuming wildfires.

    sorry to hear about all the damages and glad you are all safe. i did like the wildflower idea jan james suggested.

    when there is trouble ahead – the citizens of the United States of America seem to be there to lend a helping hand – I’m sure this is true in many countries around this wonderful world! It is just nice to read about it – People everywhere have a kindness that really glows during emergencies…

    so glad you are all safe from harms way.

    my warmest regards to you all
    David in Maine USA


  24. To say that sucks would put it mildly, I’m just glad ya’ll are safe and all the animals too. Hopefully the invasive stuff will stay away and the local plants will come back in time..


  25. Oh, Linda, I am so sorry! I had no idea! I was so busy all last week and got behind in looking at blog posts. What a ridiculous bit of irresponsibility on the part of your neighbors! Unbelievable! I am so sorry!

    By the way, I just noticed a comma between blogspot and com instead of a period. I wonder if that caused the glitch your reader noticed. I just fixed it!

    I’ll keep you guys in my prayers as you rebuild what was lost (or they do!) and I am so thankful that your buildings were not touched!


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