Douglas Pass, Green River, Wyoming and Wild Horses

We met Terry’s family in Green River, Wyoming to begin our trip.  We live close to the Utah border and they live close to the Wyoming border, meeting at Green River had us (both) driving 6 hours and a few minutes to the destination.

Our route went through Grand Junction and over Douglas Pass, to Rangely, Colorado  then onto Green River, Wyoming.   I DO NOT LIKE DRIVING DOUGLAS PASS!!!  Pretty much straight up with lots and lots and lots (are you car sick yet) curves and straight down with lots and lots and lots (you are car sick now, I’m sure) plus the two-lane highway needs some tender loving care.

The colors were spectacular!


My photo doesn’t give them justice, but here is an idea.

We stayed in an Inn in Wild Horse Canyon, then the next day we drove through the Canyon and we saw a herd of wild horses, (which I thought was really cool).


Of course, you have to take my word for it that they were wild, they are wild.

We looked upon civilization


From the top of the canyon and even saw a train heading somewhere.


The start of the day was pretty cool.  We will end the day in Jackson Hole.

Stay Tuned!


P.S.  Marie ,from My Little Corner of Rhode Island, is doing a daily 4 o’clock photo, which I thought was a good idea.  I asked her if I could steal her idea and do my own 4 o’clock photo showing how the day is moving into the long nights of winter.

She said “SURE”! Actually, she said “steal away”  so I did!


These my two 4 o’clock photos on October 9, 2012 in Delta, Colorado.

The shadows are thick but the sunlight still plentiful.



Saturday in Aspen

Saturday, our grandson had a soccer game in Aspen, Colorado.  Our oldest granddaughter also had a soccer game, but hers was in Orchard City, Colorado, then to stretch everything just a tad bit more, our son-in-law had to work…he is the Assistant Principal at our local High School…he had to be at the high school because of volley ball games there all day.

SOOOOO enter the grandparents….we opted to take Blade to Aspen, we hadn’t been there in years and years and besides we wanted a day with Bladen.  He is ten now and often times we don’t have him by himself, we get the girls by their selves, but rarely Bladen.


On the way up we stopped at the Crystal River to show him where some hot water enters the river.

Over the years people have created a fun little dam which allows for ‘dipping’ , he was delighted.


What a soccer field!!! In Aspen you are on top of Rocky Mountains.

Here is a quick shot through a very dirty windshield of some of ski slopes!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Once more we have been lucky to have family come visit.

Terry’s sister, Carolyn and her husband, Wayne came in a stayed a couple of nights.  We took them to Grand Mesa for the day and to my father’s lake.

(Since Tallen, was with us, she had to show Uncle Wayne and Aunt Carolyn the teeter-totter)

Fall is everywhere up there!

The day was perfect…bright blue skies, golden trees, and lovely sunshine.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

We had a very busy and exciting day yesterday.

By 7:30 in the morning we were headed to Ouray, Colorado, to watch the Hard Rock Drilling Contest.

Ouray was first known for all of it mining, way back when, and that mining was for gold and silver.  Hard Rock Mining.  As far as I know there is no coal in ‘them thar hills’.

Today there are very few mines operating….although, there is still ‘lots of gold’ in the mountains surrounding Ouray.  Mostly Ouray is now a wonderful place to visit, hot springs, good food, and outstanding scenery.

The drillers come from all over.

Yesterday, was the second day of the contest, we didn’t stay for every thing since we had been invited to our daughter and son-in-law’s place that evening for a yummy supper.

The above photo is of the bootleg jack contest

The last contest we got to watch was the mucking machine

This guy was so sure and steady that his dirt never spilled out of the cart and he filled it in record time.

Cliff got a smoker for his birthday this year.  He invited us down to each smoked BBQ Pulled Pork and Turkey. Chef Cliff did a great job!


Photo stolen from Cliff’s FB page!  THANKS! CLIFF!



Third Cutting of Hay

Our third cutting of hay has been hauled in and stacked for sale.

The Delta Elevator has called and wants ALL that we can sell him, which works out fine for us.

We were very concerned we wouldn’t be able to get it in before the rain starts.  But we made it….50% chance this afternoon.  FINGERS CROSSED FOR IT TO COME!

The smoke is still here, which means people are still experiencing horrible wild fires.  My heart goes out to them.  Maybe our potential rain will actually come from there and the fires will be put out.

Every evening we go to sleep with the smoke and every morning we wake up with the smoke….I keep hoping that rain, and more rain, and even more rain will help everyone effected by the terrible fires but helping put them out.

Everyday is showing more and more yellow leaves on the trees.


Fall is here!


Hanging Lake

After lunch we decided that we would go to Hanging Lake….a short drive out of Glenwood Springs going toward Denver.

The trail to Hanging Lake is plainly marked with a nice walking path to the trail head.  We met many, many, many people either going up the 1.2 mile trail or coming back.

This is something I have always wanted to do, but we just never have.  My parents did it when they were about my age, Momma was 63 and Daddy 66, they delighted in seeing this incredible natural wonder.

Several of Kelly’s friends had walked up to the lake so making the decision to go was easy.

If you are EVER in the Glenwood Springs Canyon area I HIGHLY recommend you stop, walk to the top and visit this amazing lake.  The hike is free. You will not be alone as there are lots of people going up and coming down.

I took way too many photos so I’m going to only give you a tiny idea of the grandeur of this place.

There are 7 bridges and several water falls.


The two oldest grandchildren ran all the way up and all the way down.  Tally walked both ways by herself, never once crying or asking to be carried.

We more than enjoyed the waterfalls


Some small and some large.

There are sign markers letting you know how far you have traveled

The closer you get to the lake the flora changes and you start to see ferns…which are rare in our part of the world.


Then suddenly you are there!

A magical world, making one think of fairies and elves and unicorns.

The water is so clear you can see the fish.


Not many people get to walk under a waterfall…but maybe,  just maybe, if you are lucky you get too.


Back at the real world we were met with cars and roads and well, reality.

I encourage everyone to walk this short distance of 1.2 miles at least once in their life.





The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Mom in Charge

Dad had a meeting to go to last night so it was just Mom, Fuzzy, and myself…oh yes, and Hank.  Hank came along since he was spending some time with us while his folks went on vacation.

It was an amazing evening.

Lots of clouds had come in with lightning storms (complete with thunder) running around on the Uncompahgre Plateau and in the canyons next to us.  Mom said she really enjoyed being out there with all the majesty of the heavens.

Fuzzy said he didn’t like the thunder so he stayed really close to Mom the WHOLE time.

I only searched for news a little bit….well, because Hank was with us

and I didn’t really want him to get to do something


that I didn’t get to do so I hung around pretty close.

The beans are setting pods, and vining out, and in general looking really good.  Mom says we are half way through summer now when the beans vine out.

We had to drive through the grass (well, Hank and I ran through the grass) and it was WAAAAAAAAAAAy over my head and Hank’s head and even MOM’s head!  Mom said we really need cows, but that isn’t going to happen.

On we went, moving from the head gate to one field then to the other field.

We saw some cool tracks on the ditch bank….is it a big cat?!?!?!

Or a bear!?!?!?

Mom said she didn’t want to meet it out here in the dark of the night whatever it is.

Mom also said she hoped it was just passing on through and wouldn’t be back.

We sometimes see tracks like this, but so far….we never seen who makes them.

The sunset was rather cool….there was a break in the clouds causing a red wave of light to spread all over the farm, even the corn turned red.


Have a great week everyone!