The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Upper End

We headed up with Mom and Dad to dig ditches to the burn area over on the Back Forty and to the back pastures.  They are going to put run-off-water there to see if anything can start growing again. It was lots of work for Mom and Dad but Fuzzy and I had a right jolly old time! We sniffed around to see what is happening up here.  The Upper End is where the HEADGATE is.  Right now all the cows are around the head gate but they will be moved off tomorrow.  These are not our cows, but the south end of our farm’s neighbors.  He had to move the bulls when the water came in as the ditch riders and Mom and Dad (and us) have to get to the head gate to keep the trash out. Bulls don’t like to have strange people moving around on their property. The head gate is SCARY!  It thunders and foams and roils. It’s really big and has a tiny board to walk across it, which I never do.  You have to walk across it, then stand on the tiny board to clean out the trash from the gate with a rake….Mom is terrified, but she ‘gets it done’. We had a sort of mini tornado last evening the wind was so horrible.  Dad was on— ON — the head gate (terrible frightening thundering crashing water)…when the storm came through the place.  The wind about threw Dad into the roaring foaming mess and even ripped his glasses off his face. We all tried to find the glasses but figured they were swept away in the canal. This morning Dad went on back to clean out the trash and guess what…THEY WERE THERE!  Safe in a whole other spot!  AND the cows didn’t stomp on them either. We are so joyful! Anyway, as Mom and Dad were working on the burn area, Fuzzy and I found Bunny. We like bunny and he seems to like us.  Just hangs around us as we sniff back and forth.  Sometimes Bunny even lets us sniff really close to him before he hops away. Sometimes we find footprints…those get really good sniffs.  We don’t have wolves here, which we are ALL glad about, but these foot prints will help you see what we sometimes see.



Getting water to one of the burn areas took all morning.  Dad said “that will have to do.  If this works then we’ve helped part of the burn.”

Mom asked Fuzzy if he was ready to ride back to house.

Man, that dog can move when he wants too.  Fuzzy beat both Mom and I back to four-wheeler he was so ready to get home.

The sunrise this morning was pretty cool…there was a cloud that looked like a mini-tornado.

Hummm, maybe that isn’t a good thing!


15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Upper End

  1. Great post, Boomer (and Fuzzy)…. Your Mom takes really good pictures… I know that you two have a great time with Mom when she works—but I also know that THAT is hard work for her (and Dad)…

    Thanks for the footprints… I have a hard time knowing what prints belong to what animal… Scary though about the mini-tornado… Glad Dad is okay –and that he found his glasses…. Do you have things like that very often?

    Beautiful sunrise… Hopefully though, there will be no more mini-tornados..
    Have a great weekend.


  2. I like your post today, Boomer. It’s good that your Dad is putting water on the burned land. Take care of yourselves, especially when you are in dangerous places. Your friend Bunny is pretty!! I’m glad you became friends.


  3. Yoy boys take a good picture. Keep up the good work– you do know that being along on a work day helps the day go better don’t you? And stay off that dinky little board , yoy may end up in the drink like Dad’s glasses!


  4. Wild wind and foaming water do not sound like much fun. I think I wouldn’t mind the bunny though. Tou take care. I hope the field comes back for your dad and mom.


  5. Ok, ya’ll have had enough drama for about the next three years…Thank Goodness Terry wasn’t hurt. Getting the glasses back has to be an extra blessing.
    Sweet Cleo brough home two baby bunnies yesterday – at her age, she should know better. I do wish she’d just sniff at them, like you boys!


  6. Fuzzy’s flying fur is a good illustration of that rotten wind. I’m glad those glasses didn’t go down the drain. I know how scary that little board on the headgate can be. Farming is a challenge a minute. Laughed at Fuzzy’s smile. Thanks for your informative post, Boomer.


  7. Oh, Boomer, you make me tired just reading about all you, Fuzzy, Mom and Dad are doing! A lot of work to be done! Glad you just ‘visited’ with bunny! Lucky likes to chase them. I’m so glad Dad found his glasses AND that he did not get blown into the water! That was scarey.
    I think we are going to get your wind today…up to 50-60 mph and blowing dust here…yuck!
    Mom has great pictures today…love the cloud and all the rest too.
    Thanks for writing, Boomer!


  8. We get tired just reading about all your adventures. Good to know old dogs can really move when there is a good reason to move.

    As always we love your beautiful setting.


  9. SOOOO interesting, Linda! I love learning about all the ingenious ways farmers and ranchers work their land to the best advantage! Really pretty sunrise, and the rabbit picture was so cute. Glad Fuzzy and Boomer don’t hurt him!


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