The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — What is a Farm

When I first got here I didn’t know what a farm was, I didn’t know what a ranch was, and I didn’t know how to ride on a four-wheeler or in the back of a pick-up.

See I had always lived in a house and when they were gone they put me in a garage.  I didn’t like the garage!  I still don’t go into ANY of Mom and Dad’s garages…..they can have the doors wide open and be in the garage and I still won’t go in there.

I didn’t make any noise when I came here either.  The vet told Mom that was weird because a happy Beagle likes to express him/herself.

I also don’t like some men or boys with caps on either….I get very, very fearful and try to run away from them.

Now that I’ve been here TWO years…TWO REALLY WONDERFUL YEARS…I can ride on the four-wheeler with Mom, or run beside them, I love to ride in the back of the pick-up, and I talk…..lots!

So when those men and boys with caps come on the place (I never bark at Dad), but I will Blade IF he has a cap on….I BARK!  I bark warning barks!  I bark until Mom comes out and pets me.   Then she feels me trembling inside and gives me lots of hugs and love.


A farm is not a ranch.  Nope, No Sireee.

A ranch grows grass…lots and lots of grass and has animals that eat grass living on it.

A Farm is crops.

A farm is ground where the soil is worked up to hold a seed, then the seed is watered until it becomes a plant, and then the plant is watered until it produces something eatable to someone or some animal.

Here on our farm (YIPEEE I LOVE LIVING ON A FARM!!!) Oh, hum, well, yes, I got sidetracked a bit— Here on our farm we grow alfalfa to turn into hay for people who feed it to their animals, we grow corn —the kind that is ground into chicken and cow feed…it could also be ground into meal for people if you wanted to have some, and we grow pinto beans.

Dad does all the ‘tractor’ work, but Mom and Fuzzy and I help Dad water the seeds, then the plants until harvest time.

I LOVE IRRIGATING!  That’s what we call watering.  If you live in town or just have a house and some yard, you water, on a farm you IRRIGATE!

That is so much fun.

We ride (sometimes I run alongside) out to the fields on the four-wheeler —with Mom.  Dad always makes us run long side.

Fuzzy doesn’t go with Dad any more, he says he will wait for Mom.

I know it’s because his joints don’t work like they used to, that’s okay.  I sometimes stay with Fuzzy; I would never want to hurt his feelings!

When we are out there, I check out the burn area….everything is still burned, but has lots of weeds growing.  The guy who started all three farms on fire just keeps saying he’s sorry, but he really doesn’t know what to do.  Dad says the guy will stall everyone out and never fix anything so he will get away with ‘lighting fires’.

Makes my people rather sad, I know how they feel.  I was always sad when I had to stay in the garage and got in trouble for talking.

Dad says we will have to fix fence this fall before the cows come, and the bad man will just have to live with his conscience, whatever that means.

Mom’s been painting stuff outside…she said everything was starting to look old and tired, like her! HA!

So what once was blue is now white.

Fuzzy and I and Sam the Cat hang around while she paints.  Monkey the other cat stays inside all the time so she misses out on lots of cool stuff.

Mom’s friend, Robin, stays close, but not too close when Sam the Cat is laying around next to Mom.  (But still there).

One of the cool things out irrigating are the smells…I learn soooo much!  Like what the birds are doing, we have three new ground squirrels and there is nest of Killdeer, not to mention all the bunnies living next to the equipment.

The coyotes have moved someplace else…which makes all of us happy.  The fire did that to them, now they could come back……

But we hope not.

Oh and a Momma Skunk has a nest next to kids barn down there…Hank found that and told us about it.

Mom told HANK “You stink, Hank!”

Hank said he thought he smelled really beautiful!

Anyhow….sometimes I forget to come when they call (I always think I have time before I have to leave my smells) then I hear the four-wheeler….and I know it’s too late.

Since I have to run in any way I go ahead and finish reading the news…then I



Hope you have a GREAT DAY!


18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — What is a Farm

  1. Thanks Boomer for your nice post today. Did someone with a cap on hurt you when you were little—BEFORE you came to that loving farm? Is that why you have so much fear? Poor thing… I’m so sorry.

    Ask Mom if she can invent a way to PAINT us humans –so that we can be all NEW again, like that fence!!! ha ha

    Glad you are enjoying life on the farm… Hope you and the family have a great weekend.


  2. Boomer,
    That fence looks real nice. My mom has been taking me for walks in the neighborhood. It is an excellent way to get all the local news. After about the second mile though I’m a lot less interested. It gets pretty hot here even in the mornings.

    Mom says we are driving close to you, figuratively speaking (whatever that means) but not close enough to stop by. I wish we could, stop by that is. I think I’d like to see a farm.

    All the best,


  3. So much news about the farm…
    from the eyes of your doggies…so fun!!!
    Love that sunset picture.
    We are still having some smoke from the fire… but we are far enough that it is not bad. It makes me so sad to hear the fire news every day. Hope you have no fires this summer in your area.


  4. Has it really been two years? We remember when you were a scared little Beagle that someone had dumped out in the country, We encouraged Linda to keep you. And now you run the place.


  5. You are always so busy, Boomer.
    I’m glad you have a loving place to live.
    Thanks for sharing everything with us.. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :o)


  6. The sunset irrigation photos are just splendid. Even though a FARM is a lot of work ,the view usually is a big plus. Glad you found people who know how to love. You and Fuzzy are very lucky dogs.


  7. The sunset irrigation photos are just splendid. Even though a FARM is a lot of work ,the view usually is a big plus. Glad you found people who know how to love. You and Fuzzy are very lucky dogs.


  8. We just got finished trying to explain to a farmer in Lancaster the difference between a farm and a ranch! We once explained it to a friend, who asked what you called it if you raised crops and animals…a Franch?! We thought that was pretty funny.


  9. That was a newsy blog post. We had a dog that didn’t like men in caps. He even growled at his dad one day. That wasn’t taken so kindly! Would your mom like to come help me paint our fence?!!


  10. Boomer, thanks for the great explanation of the difference between a farm and a ranch. You really have learned a lot since you’ve been there. Mom’s painting project looks very good, and the photos of the sun reflected in the irrigation water are beautiful.


  11. Oh Boomer you are a lucky dog. Tell your Mom that her sunset photos are stunning..are they extra orange from smoke in the air from the fires in Colorado?? I hope you guys are safe from the fires 🙂


  12. Hi, Boomer! Aren’t we lucky to be able to live on a farm?! I was an “adoptied” dog, just like you, and I love it on my farm. We have different crops but a lot of the same smells! I sure enjoyed your story. Tell mom the fence and buildings look great and that she took some very nice pictures. Oh, and her gardens are looking great, too. You don’t dig in them like I like to do, do you? I get in a bit of trouble when I do that, but my Mom knows that I’m just looking for a cool place to lay in this hot summer.
    Say “Hi” to Fuzzy and Mom and Dad.


  13. You guys are so funny and have such a good time, i am glad you found your voice wee fella.. because you tell a good story!! Now I have to go and find the red drill, do you know where it is? c


  14. Good on you Boomer. I really enjoyed your post. Your Mom is doing a beaut job of painting and I loved reading about what everyone else are doing on your farm. I was real sorry to read about your fears though – not all humans are kind are they… it’s nice that those bad days are behind you now and you have a happy home xx


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