Moving Pipe

We had to replace two broken sticks of pipe (5 feet long) in one of the fields.

That is the bad thing about the plastic pipe, the sunlight finally gets to them and they start to crack.

They never break at a ‘good time’, nothing ever works that way does it?

So Terry turned the water out and then we pulled apart the sticks, ran them over to the broken pipe pile, ran over to the stash of good pipe and put them back together last evening.  (We waited until it cooled down some since this was rather hot work in and of itself).

A little quail was singing to us at the broken pipe pile—he was up in a tree, which I thought was rather cool.

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Around 8:30 p.m.  we got everything back together and the water back on.

This morning everything is working good!

Happy Wednesday!  We are in the middle of the week!


13 thoughts on “Moving Pipe

  1. Yes, plastic has its good qualities —but as you said, it also has its bad qualities. So many things are made out of plastic these days –but it’s still not ‘perfect’ is it????

    Always work to be done!!!!! Sometimes I think we take one step forward and two back!!!!! ha

    Hope you do have a good day, Linda.


  2. My dad would have so loved to have had a four-wheeler to run errands like that. Good thing you had a spare pipe even if you had to grab it in a hurry. Love the quail in the tree. We seldom see them here.


  3. Oh yes, if something’s going to go wrong … it’s always at the worst time!! The repair work made for some good photos though – the quail included 🙂


  4. I’m impressed how well Terry does hauling that stuff on the 4 wheeler. It would have been rolling off the thing constantly if it was me driving.


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