The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — When Smoke gets in Your Eyes


Lots of smoke here!

Its been here for 5 days and 5 nights already and it doesn’t look like its planning on leaving anytime soon.

I mean LOTS of smoke!

Mom had a blog friend tell her this smoke is from all the horrible, terrible, scary, nasty wildfires in Idaho.

If the smoke is bad HERE—in the western part of Colorado…it must be horrible there.

Fuzzy and I really feel bad for all the animals and people and plants that are being damaged by those fires.  We know what fire is like and we know how SCARY it is!!!!

Yesterday we all went to town.  We followed Blade as he rode his bike to town, first time to town on his new bike, by himself.  He did really well!

Since Blade is spending this week’s mornings with us (and his parents said he could) he really, really, wanted to ride the 8 miles to and from town.  We all got to go because, well, it’s a long ways and he is still a young boy, and there are lots of huge trucks and really fast cars on that highway.

He said it was a long ways.

The going down was fun, the coming back w.o.r.k.!!!

(Dad put the bike in the back of the truck with us and hauled him UP the hill, then took the bike out and started him on the way again.)

Mom said—“Yep, that’s how it works, one way fun the other way work.”

That evening Fuzz and I went with Mom to fork ends back on the cut alfalfa and help Dad change water.

Pretty cool!

They only left me twice.  The second time I really was hiding so they would think I wasn’t close by and I zipped up by Mom and Fuzzy and then passed them and got to the irrigation place FIRST!!!

HAHAHAHAH!  I fooled them!!!

This is the last irrigation of the pinto beans…see how ripe they are getting.  Next week or the following week Dad will start the harvesting process—-there a MANY steps to the harvesting of pinto beans!


We saw a frog …Mom said this was a first.  We see lots of toads, but this is a cool little frog (he had a buddy, but I lost track of him) was the first for our fields.

Smoke makes for some pretty amazing sunsets, but Fuzzy and I agreed…no smoke or fire would be best.



I was going to tell you about Mom’s bees, but Mom said I’ve been on here long enough so I have to go now.



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — When Smoke gets in Your Eyes

  1. At least twelve wildfires here in Idaho. Haven’t seen smoke like this since Yellowstone burned all summer in 1988. Red sunsets, red eyes. Cool frog. Haven’t seen one of those in a long time. I think all the chemicals used to treat whatever in the canals has put an end to them.

    Great photos. Looking forward to the bee post. Pats and hugs to Boomer and Fuzzy.


  2. What a great frog! And it sounds like you pups are having a fine time of it. So sorry to read about the smoke though. A lot of the sad stories from the fire areas are even making the news out here. Just awful.


  3. Dear Boomer,

    As we were driving from Reno to Barstow we saw a fire on the mountain in the distance. Mom and Dad were all concerned. It was really a first for me. The fires in Texas are all to the west of us.


  4. Boomer, I love your blog today. I am visiting my mom so it doesn’t look like lleslie, but it is!! Sorry to hear about the smoke. That was brave of Blade to ride that far on his bike, and good of your dad to bring the bike back up the hill for him. Take care of everyone!!


  5. So sorry to read about the US bush and forest fires.
    So frightening, so much devastation and some uncalled for as lit
    by arsonists. The natural ones done by lightening strikes well we have
    no control over “mother nature”. And you know my views on this subject
    as of ages ago and of today! (E-mail)
    Great to see the young fella, Blade, doing his bike riding. Nothing like good
    exercise for growing young kids.
    Cheers mate – keep safe, and may your farming efforts be great for all your
    hard work.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


  6. Goodness Fuzzy, tell mom that I hope a front comes through and pushes that smoke away!
    Tell her I’m pondering something—-I wonder if the harvested alfalfa takes on the taste of the smoke? There’s no way to know, but I’m curious all the same.


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