The Day Filled with Wonder—-Wednesday, June 6, 2018

There is always something to see

Something new to discover, just there…or over here…or right before our eyes

Some wonderful thing reflected back to us in the light


Color reflected on to our iris’; showing the world as new.

We are lucky, you and I, for having the gift of this amazing world we call earth.

From my world to your heart,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—NEWS

Mom buys me toys to play with…but I don’t like them.

Mom throws me balls…I chase them sorta…Fuzzy and I used to place chase with each other, but not really.  We enjoyed chase the fox, or chase the squirrel, or splash in the ditch more.  Well, ummmmmmmm, Fuzzy enjoyed splash the ditch; I liked (and still do) GATHERING NEWS!!!


News for the day!


Mom moved a couple of the garden toads from under my dog houses to her corral garden.


They really seem to like it out there…works better than getting living under my dog house.


We have frogs in the irrigation ditches!  I love, LOVE, to put my nose on them and watch them hop away.


Our yard is full of birds…they sing us awake every morning and chirp sleepy little songs in the evening to put us to bed.


Lots of Gambol’s Quail this year.  Dad is really happy we have more pheasants than last year.  We lost lots of pheasants a few years back and it’s taken awhile for them to recover.


There are baby raccoons in one of the trees in the yard.  Cute little things!


There are raccoons in the yard, in the farm yard, and out of the ditch.  There are as many raccoon as there are fox; is seems.


As for the home front—Sammy does a very good job of keeping the mice down.  (I’m glad that his job…it’s NOT something I’m ever going to do—Fuzzy would do it, but NOT ME!)

Looking for the mailman

Well, that’s the news for today.  I’m off, now, to get ready and bark the mailman down the road…he should be coming anytime now.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — When Smoke gets in Your Eyes


Lots of smoke here!

Its been here for 5 days and 5 nights already and it doesn’t look like its planning on leaving anytime soon.

I mean LOTS of smoke!

Mom had a blog friend tell her this smoke is from all the horrible, terrible, scary, nasty wildfires in Idaho.

If the smoke is bad HERE—in the western part of Colorado…it must be horrible there.

Fuzzy and I really feel bad for all the animals and people and plants that are being damaged by those fires.  We know what fire is like and we know how SCARY it is!!!!

Yesterday we all went to town.  We followed Blade as he rode his bike to town, first time to town on his new bike, by himself.  He did really well!

Since Blade is spending this week’s mornings with us (and his parents said he could) he really, really, wanted to ride the 8 miles to and from town.  We all got to go because, well, it’s a long ways and he is still a young boy, and there are lots of huge trucks and really fast cars on that highway.

He said it was a long ways.

The going down was fun, the coming back w.o.r.k.!!!

(Dad put the bike in the back of the truck with us and hauled him UP the hill, then took the bike out and started him on the way again.)

Mom said—“Yep, that’s how it works, one way fun the other way work.”

That evening Fuzz and I went with Mom to fork ends back on the cut alfalfa and help Dad change water.

Pretty cool!

They only left me twice.  The second time I really was hiding so they would think I wasn’t close by and I zipped up by Mom and Fuzzy and then passed them and got to the irrigation place FIRST!!!

HAHAHAHAH!  I fooled them!!!

This is the last irrigation of the pinto beans…see how ripe they are getting.  Next week or the following week Dad will start the harvesting process—-there a MANY steps to the harvesting of pinto beans!


We saw a frog …Mom said this was a first.  We see lots of toads, but this is a cool little frog (he had a buddy, but I lost track of him) was the first for our fields.

Smoke makes for some pretty amazing sunsets, but Fuzzy and I agreed…no smoke or fire would be best.



I was going to tell you about Mom’s bees, but Mom said I’ve been on here long enough so I have to go now.