The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Storms

It’s been raining here—lots!  Big dark clouds, full of wet stuff, lots of lightning and THUNDER!




Fuzzy is having a very hard time, not because of the rain, or the clouds or even the lightning, but because of the thunder!!!


(Dad had to turn on the water for 24 hours to soak up a piece of hard soil.  Dad worked several days on opening up a new field for next spring.)

That’s a big rain storm coming our WAY!!!!

Most of the time we are in the house with Mom, because Fuzzy turns into this shivering, nervous, wreck of a dog!

Sort of amazes me.  That loud noise doesn’t bother me at all.

But if Mom isn’t home and the thunder comes crashing around us Fuzzy always runs off into the corn field.

He says he feels safe in there.

I don’t know why—it’s still wet, and loud, but we are surrounded with the corn.  Fuzzy says that helps.

Now if DAD is home and Mom isn’t Dad doesn’t let us come in a hover with him until the rain is over. Dad says he really doesn’t like a hot, panting dog crowding up on him when he is trying to do bookwork, or something important (like watching TV).  So he tells us to go into the garage!

We don’t, you know, we head to the corn field!

We sit out there until Mom comes home and we hear the four-wheeler start up and she comes to look for us.  She has to go to ALL the corn fields as we don’t always go to the same one all the time.

After a while ( we don’t come out right away, Fuzzy wants to be SURE the thunder gods have passed before we venture out of the safe corn field) we come out and head home.

Mom tells us to stop doing that, if Fuzzy was to have a heart attack out in farm some where she wouldn’t know where to find him.  She says PLEASE GO INTO THE BARN!!!

But, of course we don’t.

Mom is always really glad to see us and we are always glad to see MOM!  Dad is okay to see also, but we know with Mom there is a big warm old blanket to dry us off and we GET TO GO INTO THE HOUSE until Dad says: “Okay, that’s enough panting the storm is over you dogs need to go outside!”

Which we do!  (Mom always takes us out with a really nice dog cookie and lots of hugs and petting).


(The things I put up with…..Linki made a face on a tomato and said it looked like me!!!)

I don’t get the thunder thing, but I always go with Fuzzy.

He would be very afraid if he was by himself.  Fuzzy is my bestest friend.

What is it that Tallen calls Aunt Shannon?

Oh, Yes!!!  I remember!

BFF….Fuzzy is my BFF!



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Storms

  1. You are a good friend, Boomer. I have known several dogs who, like Fuzzy, were afraid of the thunder. I’m glad you are there to help him.


  2. Boomer, Fuzzy is very lucky to have you and Mom to keep him safe. I understand I’m kinda afraid of thunder too. Tell Mom the cornfield photo is really cool and of course you and Fuzzy are cute as can be.


  3. You’re getting to be a pretty sharp knife there Boomer. I’m sure Fuzzy thinks you’re his BFF too. There’s a friend of mine around here too. Just made him a BFF not realizing he already was.


  4. Gypsy here. I don’t like thunder either. I hide under the table next to my mom. What is it about moms? I don’t have a corn field. I’m not sure I’d want to get wet.
    Stay safe! Go to the barn next time! I love the barn and all of the good smells there!


  5. Awe, my little guy, Max, he barks at the thunder! It upsets him too.

    My Great and and Uncle are moving back to Delta! They already have the paperwork done on a house. Alvin and Patricia Chick. They used to live there until work took them to Rock Springs WY.


  6. And a great BFF you are, too, Boomer!
    Our cat Jessi is like Fuzzy. She doesn’t like thunder, either. She hides under the bed if she’s inside. I think she hides under the farm houe if she’s outside.

    You guys have a great weekend!


  7. My neighbor had a cat that was always left out when she went to work. When we had thunder and lightening the cat always went under my barbecue. So how’s that for a suggestion Fuzzy?


  8. Nothing like a good friend to help us through the thunder. But I do bet mom would appreciate it if you rode the storm out in the barn. ;0) Laughed at dad dealing with panting dogs while he was trying to watch tv.


  9. My sister’s dog, Keenan, was terrified of thunder. One time he got so scared he chewed a hole in the aluminum siding on the house trying to get inside. The only place he felt safe was in the house. Poor dog. I can’t imagine being that scared:-(


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