The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — News

Since we had the fire and Dad sold the cows, Dad decided that he wanted to square up one of the fields.  So we all helped him.  First the fence had to come down, then the fence posts had to come out.  That was the part we helped him with.

Then Dad took the scraper and other big equipment and went up and worked by himself.  We stayed with Mom.

Then we all went up and worked on everything together.

Well, I think Fuzzy might have helped more than I did.

I wanted to, really I did.


There is just so much to learn about out there in the brush…

I mean…

  • like the rabbits are making their burrows deeper and warmer
  • The badger is still just a mean as ever, I make a wide circle around him and his territory
  • Freddy Fox has built a hollow back in the old tree
  • The porcupines are building a nest in the trees at the back end
  • Nope, so far no coyotes—they do pass through regularly, but no dens
  • The ducks are doing good
  • Six crows have taken up residence at the equipment yard
  • A gaggle of Canada Geese are swimming around with the ducks
  • I scared up FOUR pheasant hens (which was REALLY, REALLY, COOL!)

Mom said she sure misses the cows, she has never seen the weeds so big and nasty as they are this year.

I rather thought they looked pretty neat all colorful and all.

Fuzzy and I checked out the deer path in the corn.  We like the deer path, no weeds, nothing.  And if we get back in there far enough we find the deer wallow.   Dad really doesn’t like having the deer in there as they knock down the corn to make the wallow and they EAT the corn.

Oh, well.  They are in there! (Until Dad combines the corn, that is.)

Fuzzy and I chased mice.  There are LOTS of mice.  We had a blast!!

The day was just perfect.  Not to hot and not to cold.

It is colder here, by the way.

Low 40’s at night and only getting up into the 70’s in the daytime.

Fuzzy says he can feel winter coming in his bones.

Mom said she can feel winter in her bones also.

Dad says there is a still lot to do before winter.

You know something, I really don’t care.  I love all seasons.

I really do love living here!

Boomer (and Fuzzy)


14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — News

  1. Boomer, I’m not sure you could have a more perfect place to live. All the fun stuff to do and see and smell—-all Beagle favorites! We don’t really have seasons here in Austin. We have hot, hot summers, but the rest of the seasons don’t seem like they’re trying very hard. 🙂


  2. I’m sure you did some ‘helping,’ Boomer, even if you didn’t get your nose as dirty as Fuzzy’s…
    Sweet Cleo says to tell you she wishes the deer wallows were as easy for her to find…she has to a ways out to find poop to roll in!


  3. Boomer,
    You and Fuzzy have a really neat place there. It may not have looked like it because I hide in the truck but I liked it ever so much. Mom and I went for a walk in our neighborhood yesterday afternoon so I checked out all the news from the neighborhood dogs. It was great! I love walks.
    Take care,


  4. . Wow, you really live in a wildlife sanctuary. That was a very complete inventory of animals to chase. All we ever get are squirrels and gophers.


  5. Good thing your people have you and Fuzzy to keep track of things on the farm. Great inventor of all the comings and goings of your neighbors. I always love to see dog smiles. COLD here. Alberta clipper came down and sent the temps into the low 20’s at night. No more gardening. Yay!


  6. This post covered a lot of territory which makes it interesting.
    Always had dogs that chased mice but they never seemed to catch anything.


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