On Wednesday of Last Week — Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The storm clouds lifted for a spell last Wednesday moving on to parts not here.

Since it was so wet, Terry said, “Let’s go to Ouray and soak in the hot pool!”

Off we went…looking at the amazing clouds, the mountains, this is the Sawtooth Mountains and the beautiful colors of Autumn

The sky was incredible (this is Ridgeway, Colorado)

Not a lot of traffic on the road

The pool wasn’t crowded …. so the soaking was perfect for two hours,

Then on the way home, a motorcycle passed us from Indiana

At the stop light, we saw what was traveling with the gentleman…his DOG!

Best Friends for Life!!

Two thumbs up to that man!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Moment of Relief—Tuesday, August, 30, 2016

StormLast Thursday the heat of the afternoon bore down on us in such a wave of intensity I thought this fall weather had made a huge and dramatic turn back to summer.

The-color-redTerry was gone for the day, having flew out of Montrose for a meeting in Brighton, Colorado; it was up to Boomer and I to check the irrigation and  keep the farm running.

It was late in the afternoon; the gnats and mosquitoes were in swarms of carnivorous activity wherever we walked along the ditch bank—- when I felt the cool down from the swiftly moving clouds.

Storm-2It started sprinkling just before we got back to the house.  Then it started to rain.


Not a bad rain, a gentle rain, a moment of relief from the suffocating heat; enough so the sparrows hung out on the wire taking a bath.

HailSuddenly the sky turned into hail, the birds, Boomer and I scattering. The blows from the hail and the wind silencing everything and everyone as we hunkered down waiting for the end.

Yellow-2Gradually the noise lessened; the air ringing empty—only the canal talking loudly as the water rushed by.

We got an inch of rain from that storm…a mixed blessing, because of the hail.

From my world to your heart,



As Evening Fell—Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Storm-Leaving-1Last night as Terry and I were working on the last set of the irrigation last night.  The storm clouds were whipping around us, pushed by the wind—the air so cold it felt like January again.  Storm-Leaving-6

The night was starting to rise around us, bring with it a glaze of cold and a promise of more killing frost.


As we loaded up to head up to check the weed catchers and the head gate at the Upper End I notice a starburst of light shimmering over our farm


The light was stunning, the sunshine breaking through the western clouds shadowing the farm in a gold that seem enchanted even though already blue shadows were forming along the rises and furrows of the irrigation rows.


A rainbow!  A beautiful rainbow…I followed it from one field, to the next, to the next, clear to the Head Gate.


A rainbow saying anything is possible.  All is safe!


Heading home I felt a deep contentment with the company we call the sky!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Magic Light of Mingled Dusk and Sun Fire—Wednesday, August 12, 2015

;Last night we loaded Boomer into the back of the pick-up and headed toward Olathe, Colorado.

The evening ride was a brief enchantment from the daily activities.


We were driving toward a storm; rain chutes reflecting the setting suns’ rays.

Then the dark clouds washed over us, pushed along by strong winds

121 As we drew closer to our destination HOPE sprung across the heavens in brilliant 122shades of a massive rainbow.


Stopping we put Boomer in the front with us, for giant drops of rains were starting to descend.  (He was one very glad dog to be sitting on my lap, nose stuck out the rolled down window.  A huge doggie smile upon his face.)

The drive home was in the middle of the storm, lightening, thunder and at times rain coming so hard and fast we couldn’t see the road. SunlightThis morning the air is moving gently over us, hinting at the first cool touches of late September.

Your friend,


One–February 22, 2015

CalfThere is a new little critter on the farm!  I don’t know if its a male or female, but to me it doesn’t matter.  We saw this darling little calf yesterday.

Since we are in the middle of a arctic blast, cold winds and snow flurries (it will leave out of here by Tuesday) there will probably be several more.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


Sunday, March 24, 2013….March Leaves Like a Lion

We were up at 2:30 on Saturday morning to take Evan to the airport to go see Joylene in Canada.


Everything went really good for him until he got to Denver …then he was grounded until 8 that evening…

Snow storm…big one…that is already on it’s way to the rest of the country.


Terry’s sister and her husband live in Greeley and sent us over a photo of just what the snow looked like there…18″.

It didn’t snow here, but we did have the wind…frigid, face freezing wind and lots of it– 40 m.p.h. gusts with 25 m.p.h. sustained winds.

Today we are frozen…more like January and February instead of late March.  I guess March is leaving like a lion…not long now until April.


I’m looking forward to April.  This is a little robin, poor things they really look cold this morning.

Our wood is down to four logs so this afternoon we are heading to the upper end to cut wood from the downed trees, this time last year we were not worrying about heat except in the early morning.

Each year is decidedly different one never really knows what will happen.

I saw a headline on the internet saying this the winter that doesn’t leave.





Sunday, February 10, 2013

A lovely storm cloud rolled in last night, I just had to take photos of it while I was hauling in firewood…

Storm-on-mesathe setting sun made the coming storm a delight to see.


This morning it starting sifting big fluffy flakes down for a short time, leaving us with just a skiff of snow.


The whole experience has been really lovely and the best part is the snow is wet.


However, as I write this it has a melted…giving the earth a nice drink.

Have a good Sunday Everyone!


January 30, 2013

Today is my volunteer day at the Delta County Historical Society and Museum. ( I do the blog from home and other research from home, but today I go in to help.)

I’m entering a year’s worth of Obituaries in the data base for future reference. Last Wednesday was really interesting, while I was there a gentleman came in wanting to know something about a relative who ‘supposedly’ lived in Delta in 1902.

The curator gave me the task of helping solve this little mystery, which was very easy to do through the census.  On-line we also found a couple of people who are related to the same person, but the coolest part of all…….

The elusive man on the census had several borders-people who were renting rooms from him at the time of the census.  Mr. Wetzel, the curator, knew immediately where the man’s business was located — it wasn’t the El-Dina, a boarding house still in use today, but none other than the Delta House!   Delta’s First Hotel!  (I will post some photos tomorrow on both blogs.)

The relative was the second owner of the Delta House.

It’s little victories like this that make history, research, and helping others out ever so much fun.


My 4 O’clock photos show that for a small amount of time we had clearing skies and shafts of sunshine then the next storm rolled in out of Utah.


It’s snowing all around us today, but NO WIND!  I can handle cold (it is 10* right now) if the wind isn’t blowing.

Almost to February the count down is completing!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Storms

It’s been raining here—lots!  Big dark clouds, full of wet stuff, lots of lightning and THUNDER!




Fuzzy is having a very hard time, not because of the rain, or the clouds or even the lightning, but because of the thunder!!!


(Dad had to turn on the water for 24 hours to soak up a piece of hard soil.  Dad worked several days on opening up a new field for next spring.)

That’s a big rain storm coming our WAY!!!!

Most of the time we are in the house with Mom, because Fuzzy turns into this shivering, nervous, wreck of a dog!

Sort of amazes me.  That loud noise doesn’t bother me at all.

But if Mom isn’t home and the thunder comes crashing around us Fuzzy always runs off into the corn field.

He says he feels safe in there.

I don’t know why—it’s still wet, and loud, but we are surrounded with the corn.  Fuzzy says that helps.

Now if DAD is home and Mom isn’t Dad doesn’t let us come in a hover with him until the rain is over. Dad says he really doesn’t like a hot, panting dog crowding up on him when he is trying to do bookwork, or something important (like watching TV).  So he tells us to go into the garage!

We don’t, you know, we head to the corn field!

We sit out there until Mom comes home and we hear the four-wheeler start up and she comes to look for us.  She has to go to ALL the corn fields as we don’t always go to the same one all the time.

After a while ( we don’t come out right away, Fuzzy wants to be SURE the thunder gods have passed before we venture out of the safe corn field) we come out and head home.

Mom tells us to stop doing that, if Fuzzy was to have a heart attack out in farm some where she wouldn’t know where to find him.  She says PLEASE GO INTO THE BARN!!!

But, of course we don’t.

Mom is always really glad to see us and we are always glad to see MOM!  Dad is okay to see also, but we know with Mom there is a big warm old blanket to dry us off and we GET TO GO INTO THE HOUSE until Dad says: “Okay, that’s enough panting the storm is over you dogs need to go outside!”

Which we do!  (Mom always takes us out with a really nice dog cookie and lots of hugs and petting).


(The things I put up with…..Linki made a face on a tomato and said it looked like me!!!)

I don’t get the thunder thing, but I always go with Fuzzy.

He would be very afraid if he was by himself.  Fuzzy is my bestest friend.

What is it that Tallen calls Aunt Shannon?

Oh, Yes!!!  I remember!

BFF….Fuzzy is my BFF!