The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Magic Thoughts

Your magic thoughts worked!

Thank you EVERYONE!

All shelter dogs were adopted BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Diamond went to her forever family on Thursday, the week before Christmas day, then Zeus found and home and next Athena.  No one is left to worry about living in the shelter.  Everyone safe and sound in new forever homes!


But now I, Boomer, would ask a very special favor of each one of you, for my bestest friend and forever buddy, Fuzzy.


Fuzzy is hurt.

Well, not hurt, but not sick either.

But he is well, in pain.

Fuzzy has a sebaceous cyst; he has had it for a very long time, long before I came to live with Fuzzy, Mom, Dad, the cats and chickens.  But Fuzzy’s sebaceous cyst has started to enlarge and now Fuzzy can’t walk.  It hurts him.  He hobbles along and then has to sit down.

I’m very worried about him.


Fuzzy is my bestest everything.  We do EVERYTHING together, but now, when I ask, Fuzzy says he doesn’t want to right now, maybe later.


He then lies down again.

He is also very restless, up-down-up-down.

Mom took him to the Veterinarian; the sebaceous cyst is causing the problem.  Sometime soon-in little over a week on January the 7th, Fuzzy has to go to the hospital and have it removed.  The operation is a very simple procedure, but Fuzzy is old.

Please send all your magic thoughts to Fuzzy that he makes it through the operation and comes home to me and we can play and run and chase birds.

That together we can bark the mailman down the road and go for long walks with Hank, Shannon’s dogs and any shelter dogs who need walking.

I will really appreciate it!  (And so will Fuzzy)




31 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Magic Thoughts

  1. All my magic thoughts are on Fuzzy and sending Love to surround both of you. You know, Boom, you are his bestest friend too and your friendship means the world to him (next to Mom, of course).


  2. Oh, Boomer, I’m so sorry to hear about Fuzzy. The reason he gets up and down a lot is that he is trying to make the pain go away. I hope his surgery goes well. It’s great news about the shelter dogs all getting forever homes. Please ask “mom” to keep us posted about Fuzzy even if it is not your day to write.


  3. Said a prayer, Boomer. Make sure Mom keeps us posted please. I’m pretty sure Fuzzy’s vet wouldn’t do the surgery if he felt Fuzzy was too old to make it through. You two hang in there. I hope and pray you’ve got a lot more miles and smiles in your lives together.

    Great news about the shelter dogs! Love from Rani and “woof” from Maggy.


  4. Oh no! I hope with all my heart that Fuzzy is better real soon.
    Boomer, I understand your concern. I remember when my best friend didnt feel good. It was awful.
    My best wishes to both of you. I’ll keep my paws crossed on the 7th.


  5. Darling Boomer,
    the thoughts and prayers of everyone who knows you and Fuzzy and Linda are with you. Let us know how Fuzzy is, and remember – even dogs need to have some pain relief after an operation -, they get better so much more quickly with a little help from their friends.
    Thinking of you all with much love XXX.


  6. Of course our best prayers will be with Fuzzy. He’ll be fine but Boomer, you have to make sure you give him lots of time to heal….old guys don’t heal as fast as we’d like sometimes.


  7. Poor old fuzzy, I hope all goes well and soon he will be chasing rabbits with the best of them! Lots of good wishes and positive thoughts dancing across the clouds from the farmy. Take good care my little friends.. c


  8. Aw Boomer! I am glad I already read that Fuzzy is doing well! Roxanne, our Dane, has one that comes and goes, but is getting larger now. Maybe your mom could email me so we could compare notes? I’m loathe to have surgery on her as she is also OLD. The stitches from going through the window last year were nerve wracking enough! I’m not sure what I’d do without my grand old girl.


  9. Hi there Boomer, I’m only just now catching up with what you darling doggies have been up to and I saw that Fuzzy hadn’t been well.
    I’m so sorry to hear Fuzzy’s news – yow, a cyst like that would be no fun at all. No wonder he doesn’t feel like doing anything much.
    Big pats to you both and I’ll now go and read the latest of what’s been happening.


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