Canada Geese

I just love these huge black birds!


While walking the dogs at Confluence Park I just had to take a photo of all the many, many Canada Geese that were enjoying what is left of the open water.


Suddenly I noticed white birds…I had to zoom in…I didn’t want to startled all of them and lose my chance to see what white birds are homing with the Canada’s.


I still really don’t know… domesticated geese that have flown the coop?

Snow Geese?

If anyone knows please leave me a comment…I am very¬†interested.




24 thoughts on “Canada Geese

  1. And aren’t they beautiful, the lot of them, I wish they would land in our fields, just once, I have a little creek but it does not interest them, they just fly right over.. the white ones are gorgeous..


  2. They’re not domestic geese, Linda. I’m not great at identification, but I know there are at least 3 kinds of white migratory geese. Some of the flooded rice fields here in California are full of them right now. Also swans…I looooove the swans. Thanks for the pictures!


  3. I don’t know, Linda—-but they are gorgeous… Looks like Snow Geese to me. We have lots of Canada Geese here year-round. The white ones are beautiful… Thanks for sharing.


  4. Amazing to see birds in such dense flock. Snow geese migrate in enormous flocks. They fly just east of us. Yes, you do have snow geese. Now you have to figure out if these guys are way off their route or if this is where they’re supposed to be.


  5. They look (from the build of them and the bills on them) more like white domestic geese than snow geese. Snow geese tend to have a trimmer body, these seem deep between the legs which is typical of domestic geese. Snow geese also usually have black primaries on their wings, and that’s usually evident even when the wings are folded. I don’t see that in these birds. Snow geese don’t have black bills, they have orange bills like domestic white geese, but the snow goose bill can be dark or dusky or appear so in juvenile birds.

    I vote for domestic white geese.


  6. Oh, i forgot…your pictures remind me of B.C. There is a little town we go to up there along Canadian Highway 3 i believe it is. There is a ferry as the only passage thru to the town and on the shores of the lake are scores of Canadian Geese that will practically eat from your hands. The shop owners in the ferry dock sell bird grains so you can feed them. (Better than giving them french fries or ice cream i suppose.)


  7. Hi, I think it’s a Greylag Goose (Anser anser Anatidae ). It’s the ancestor of the farmyard Goose and although the plumage colour may vary in domestic birds, the bill and legs remain the same in the Greylag.


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