The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Update


Fuzzy is home“`!!!

I’m so very happy!


He still doesn’t want to play much.  He slept all afternoon and night, except when we went for a walk. Mom says we all have to do our ‘business’ outside,  that’s the rule.

Fuzzy  wanted to go with us, but he didn’t go far.  Just Mom and I went far.


He has this funny coat on and it makes him breathe hard.  I tried to tell Mom that Fuzzy’s coat is too tight.

Fuzzy talks to Mom all the time about how he is feeling.

Fuzzy never talks; I do all the talking, but now Fuzzy sort of whines and groans and looks at Mom…PLEASE HELP me he says.  Mom sits by Fuzzy and pets and pets and pets him until he goes back to sleep.

NOW THAT starts to upset me, so I weasel my way in under her arm and make her pet me also.  But if I try to get between her and Fuzzy, Mom says: “Boomer, that’s enough!  Sometimes life isn’t about Boomer, sometimes it’s about Fuzzy!”



“Well I know that`!`!  It’s just, geez, Fuzzy is getting ALL THE PETTINGS!!

So I go over and lay on Dad’s feet.  Humph.


This morning Fuzzy felt well enough to go do the chores down at Shannon’s house, and to eat and drink a little something.  But he is sleeping now as he had to have some pain medicine.  I think life is really boring if Fuzzy is not up and doing something with me so I think I’ll go to sleep




31 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Update

  1. So glad that Fuzzy is okay –and seems to be doing well. Glad the operation went well. Poor Boomer–no attention, huh?????? ha ha…. Mom will have to give YOU something really special for being such a good brother through Fuzzy’s ordeal.



  2. Hi Linda, I’m sorry Fuzzy has been under the weather-guess I missed the post. I hope he starts feeling better. It is snowing here right now and coming down hard. I imagine it is for you too. Stay warm!


  3. Hi Guys! We thought and thought about you both yesterday. We are so glad that Fuzzy is ok. That’s a really nifty looking vest you’re wearing Fuzzy. Red is “Your” color. Boomer, we know it’s tough having your bestest buddy under the weather but he’ll be back to his old self soon.


  4. Oh Fuzzy hope you’re feeling better soon. Boomer, Fuzzy will be up and playing with you soon. And don’t be too jealous of the attention he’s geting, if it were you not feeling well, then you’d be getting all the loves!


  5. So pleased to hear that Fuzzy is now recovering from the operation. I know Boomer will help Mom take good care of him while he is getting over the after effects. Get well soon Fuzzy.


  6. Oh I thought Fuzzy was back days ago, I am completely lost and thank goodness that he is doing well, his wrap is at least a little jaunty.. Good to be home in a warm house with all that mean cold outside.. c


  7. Here’s a comment for when you (and Mom) wake up from your nap! It’s hard when one member of the family is sick — everybody gets tired and you all need your rest! I am so glad the surgery went well and I’m sure things will be back to normal soon.


  8. I’m very happy that Fuzzy’s surgery went well and he is at home recuperating. I’m assuming (?) the “funny coat” as described by Boomer is a protection for the surgical site so Fuzzy doesn’t scratch and lick at the wound. Please let Boomer know that older dogs need more time to rest/recuperate and he should exhibit some doggie patience…whatever that is!!
    Hugs to both dogs.


  9. Yikes! I totally missed reading about Fuzzy’s surgery. Having limited connectivity and time has made it hard to stay up on everything. I’m so thankful that Fuzzy is home and recuperating!


  10. Well the whole world loves Fuzzy judging by all the comments…hope all the love and good wishes flowing his way keeps him going through the recovery.. and yes, lots of hugs and gentle tickles behind the ears for both boys…..


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