Winter has Returned

We are back to snow and wind and cold 22*f outside with a windchill making it really 12*f. The cold is easier to handle than the wind.

I have a light on the chickens, which they really seem to enjoy.  Often times (when it is cold like this) I check on them and they are laying or sitting in the heat of light. Sort of like a wood stove for us! 🙂

The days are longer now, which helps, the hens have started laying eggs again–they are thinking spring also. 🙂


Our cat (which only goes outside if I make her and then I get clawed before I can put her down) has a great toy with the humidifier.

She can spend hours and hours just watching the little plastic fish floating on top of the water.

Silly cat…no catnip for her…just a humidifier!



22 thoughts on “Winter has Returned

  1. HA HA —what a cute kitty…. You have entertained her for LIFE…. Amazing what can entertain animals –and humans!!!!! ha

    We are expecting severe weather tonight/tomorrow. I still wish we’d get some snow here. Sigh!!!!

    Stay warm.


  2. Cats have their own world. I’ve always wanted ours to be a house cat, but in her younger days she wanted to roam the neighborhood. Now she just wants in when she’s outside and outside when she is in. She goes in or out every time the door is open.


  3. Yes, cold is easier to handle than the wind. We have a humidifier just like that but without the fish, and, sadly, without the cat. Miss my big black hairball Thomas. I think he would have liked a humidifier.


  4. Your weather is like hours …very changeable. We say, “If you don’t like the weather , wait an hour.” Today it was minus 25 C all day. There was a stiff wind this morning so it was very unpleasant.


  5. While I’m sorry you’ve had to suffer through that winter weather, I’m even sorrier that you’ve sent it our way. We had a couple of nice Spring-like days, but now Winter is about to make a comeback. I like the picture of the cat and the humifier.


  6. We use to put a light on for the chickens also. They started laying much sooner than they normally would have if we hadn’t. You kittah is easily entertained.


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