Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure Chapter Two

Chapter Two

“Boomer! Let’s get on the move!  Sleeping our lives away is boring.  Just plain boring!” Mindy meowed at me.

“WHAT!” I sputtered. “You, a cat; who sleeps at LEAST sixteen (16) hours in twenty-four (24) hours, is telling ME sleeping is BORING?!?!”

“Oh, stop your sputtering and let’s go!”  Mindy walked to the kitchen.  Suddenly stopped.  Stopping so suddenly I bumped into her.

“Why did you stop, Cat?” I grumbled.

“The door, Boomer.  We need Mom to open the door so we can go out!”

Mindy turned and bounded up the stair meowing for Mom.  I could hear her heavy bounces on the stairs; one step-two step bounce, MEOW, one step-two step bounce, MEOW!

From far away, and far off I heard Mom’s tiny voice, “You want out, Mindy?  Okay, just a minute.  Let me finish—”


“Oh, alright,” Mom replied.

Then I heard Moms’ footfalls across the upstairs floor.  Then I heard Mindy start bounding back down.  As soon as I heard Mindy’s very loud cat footfalls, I pushed my nose against the back door, shoved it open with my shoulders and WAM! I was out and the back door slammed behind me!  Hehe

I walked over to the large silver water bowl and started helping myself to huge laps and gulps of cold, delicious…BRRRRRRRRRRRR ICE WATER!

I swallowed the very last sliver of ice just as Mindy came slithering out the back door.

“Yay FREE.

Let’s go, Boomer! The world is waiting!”

Mindy picked up her paws gave a little hop, skip and dance

peeling off toward the Butler Grain Bins.

I watched for a short while, gathered my paws under me and sped after her.

AWAY on an Adventure, WE GO!  I bayed!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Mom, Dad, Mindy and I

Are so over winter!!

Really, we are!

Just say’n.

Grump, grump


P.S. Mom says I just need to think of this a Spring weather!

Really !?!?!?!?

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— This One’s for the Birds

Mom and I went for a walk night-before-last.  IT WAS COLD! Even colder today…when Mom and I got up at 5:00 a.m. it was 7*f! (-13.8889c)


Anyway, Mom and I went for a midnight walk, or so, we really didn’t see anything.  Mom took a photo of a car coming up the side road, that was all.

Then as we were walking back, I think we saw KIT!!! I bayed at him, but he was too fast if it was him.  Mom tried to get a photo, but he was way too fast.

So we walked back to the house and went back to bed.  Mom loaded wood into the woodstove first…just so we could all stay warm.

Warm is good.

Anyway, the next day, yesterday, Mom and I went out to feed the birds…chickens and wild birds, Mom took her camera with us and tried to get some good photos at the feeders.

While Mom was busy,

I checked out the news on the farm, I wanted to see if Kit really rushed by us, or if it was someone else.

After a spell, Mindy went with me.

Mindy is a really playful cat. She loves to run and jump and romp everywhere we go.

So…here we are…



and cat…

and a very cold morning.

Mom and I and Mindy went out and did all our chores early then back we came…Mindy to lay on the carpet right next to the wood stove and me in my very soft bed on the other side of the wood stove.

It’s just too cold to do much, but sleep!

Boomer Beaglie Brown


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Back to Every Day Normal

Life has settled down after the whole Mystery Where I Used a Secret (Idea/Weapon/Gift from some friends).

We are having huge winds again.  Mom and I are getting very tired of them.  And MOM likes wind.  She always makes me go for a walk with her when the wind is blowing.  But if you walk in this wind a dog has to crawl and a person has to bend over.  Not good.

But back to everyday life—-

Mindy and I go to walks with Mom every day.  Sometimes at night.  I Always go with Mom at night, but not always Mindy.  If she is inside sleeping on the bed, or the sofa, or the big table, or her favorite chair, Mom just lets her sleep.  “Let’s just let Mindy get her rest, Boomer.  This walk will be with you and I.” Mom says as we head out the back door.

That works for me.  Heck having Mindy Min-Min Lou tag along works for me.  I’m really pretty easy going. So whatever Mom wants…that works for me.

I have been keeping a sharp nose out for strangers {human or animal} coming down the long lane into our farm yard, or heck even out of the farm.

News is What my nose is all about.  Checking the news from here to there and every which where.

When Mom and Dad are working at the Upper End or in the little field next to the Upper End, I always, always go over and check out the big wood pile.  Critter’s live in there you know.  Ground squirrels, the fox, skunks, but…thankfully…no Badgers!!

Badgers are mean, scary, and completely terrifying.  Trust me on that.

If Mom and Dad go to town and come back in the dark…I always, always make sure to meet them half way down the lane…sometimes Mom stops and gives me a lift back home.  Sometimes not.

I guess she stopped asking lots, because I would turn her down preferring to take my time following the car back home.

News…out there, you see.  I might miss something.  I know Mom and Dad are now home and well… there just might be news on the way back to the house.

Like the Raccoons who’ve taken to coming down to the canal to wash their food.  They are so silly.  They wash EVERYTHING they eat.  I mean everything.  Sometimes whatever they are washing turns to mush and floats away.  But still they do it.

Now that the weather has warmed up Mom lets me ride in the back of the pick-up when we go somewhere fun.  It’s been too cold so I’ve had to pant my way,  to wherever we are going, in the back seat, sometimes with the window down, but sometimes not.

Anyway…on nice days…I get to ride in the back.

Wind in the face, smells in the nose…ears flapping.  A dog cannot ask for more.

Boomer Beaglie Brown a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer!  😊

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Night Visitors

I moved us outside…that stay’n in the house was start’n to wear on me.  Boom, now, he says he could stay in the house always.  But, Mom and Dad, and even I were getting right tired of Boomer sitting around panting.  So out we went.  Two days and two nights now, but Mom says we will have to move back in tonight as another winter storm is coming in today…it’s supposed to start raining this afternoon and then change over to snow.


But I suppose I should be grateful for the house. And Mom who insists we stay inside when it’s nasty outside.

Now if it’s raining AND THUNDERING I would MUCH PREFER being inside and right ON MOM, if she would let me!

Shudder, shudder, shake, and shudder!

But…onto night-time living.


Freddy Fox comes by;

Dog-Fox-Hummhe is pretty regular…

Freddy-Fox-1always around

Freddy-Fox-2early in the morning.


The two Raccoons come in the yard…not all the time, but they do come.  We can smell them coming so Boomer and I take off running as fast as we can to halllllllllllllllllllllllo at them.

Rikki-The-RaccoonOur running down the corral line always makes them hop up on the top of corral and scamper off back to the fields.


Sammy-Sam the cat hangs out with us until mid-night….he like to makes sure there are no stray cats on the property.  Then he gets tired and heads in for the night.  That cat sure seems to sleep a lot!  Then he comes back out around 4:00 in the morning, since there is usually something going on just before dawn.


Between us dogs and Sam we hardly ever have any stray cats, but we do get them.


We had this visitor….Dad helped him go to the Big Skunk heaven in the sky somewhere.


Can you imagine what SKUNK HEAVEN must smell like…………….phew.


We like to patrol the property

Nose(just the outbuildings and the house and yards) day and night.


In the daytime we get to chase squirrels.  We have a couple of ground squirrels and boy, are they ever fun.


There is always something happening…the chickens, other birds,  Dovesand we get to see

Going-byDad heading out to do work.  (We don’t go with Dad, just Mom.)

Yes, Sir!  That’s our job and I’m proud of it!


Fuzzy ….oh, yes…and Boomer


Winter has Returned

We are back to snow and wind and cold 22*f outside with a windchill making it really 12*f. The cold is easier to handle than the wind.

I have a light on the chickens, which they really seem to enjoy.  Often times (when it is cold like this) I check on them and they are laying or sitting in the heat of light. Sort of like a wood stove for us! 🙂

The days are longer now, which helps, the hens have started laying eggs again–they are thinking spring also. 🙂


Our cat (which only goes outside if I make her and then I get clawed before I can put her down) has a great toy with the humidifier.

She can spend hours and hours just watching the little plastic fish floating on top of the water.

Silly cat…no catnip for her…just a humidifier!


A Cat and Catnip

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While I was working in the herb garden Sammy-Sam, one of our cats, decided to work with me.

No, hummm, he decided to partake of the catnip.

A spring storm is blowing it’s way into our lives starting this afternoon.  But last night, Boy, was the sky beautiful!

The whole sky over us and around us was amazing!


Going on Vacation

Yeah, we are taking a small vacation (small because we can’t be gone too long, with all the animals and chores). 

But … it is still a vacation.  Misty, our daughter who lives across the field is going to come feed all the animals, gather the eggs, and toss hay to the cows.  The cows have heated water tanks, but everyone else has to have attention. 

So we are going from this (winter)



Too — I don’t know—something in Arizona, maybe.


***I’m so happy I feel like I could do the Chicken Dance!***


Monkey is mad because she doesn’t like to be alone, or to go outside, but I think she will make it. 

And when we get back I will have a better relaxed attitude.  Spring will almost be here and I can start working in the garden!


 Have a nice week, and I will post when I get back!