The County Dump

So far we have over an inch of rain and it is still raining.  The weather people say it is supposed to turn to snow today around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  I haven’t been taking any 4 o’clock photos since there really isn’t anything to see but rain and fog.

For a really short while yesterday the clouds broke and sun came out.  A great cry of joy went up from the cows and the chickens and the cats and the dogs.  Everyone was in a frolicking kind of mood.

Terry and I quickly grabbed all our trash and headed out to the dump.  We only make the run if we absolutely have too.  We were at the absolutely spot…if we didn’t go then I was going to have to go by more trash barrels, which I didn’t want to do as we really do have enough of trash barrels now.


There really isn’t anything really interesting at the dump, but we did get to see the rubber grinder at work grinding up all the tires.  I don’t know what happens to that huge pile of ground up rubber but I’m sure they have figured out some way to recycle it or they wouldn’t be doing it.

As we were there the fog settled back down. After we got home the rain started again.  No complains on the moisture.  It is just very odd this type of rain this time of year.

Three more days until February….I’m into the count down! 🙂



13 thoughts on “The County Dump

  1. A couple of years ago I watched an episode of This Old House and they were putting in a driveway that was a composit of old ground-up tires and something else. I thought it was a pretty neat idea.


  2. Everybody seems to get odd weather these days. This odd weather certainly is useful for you. I hope that it’s still around to do it’s magic when crops have been planted.


  3. Yay for moisture! Our rain dried up and turned into plain cold, but the leftover clouds made for some pretty skies today. Hope you, Terry and the doggies are staying warm and dry.


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