Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We are still cold here, but getting warmer every day.  Although, it IS still coat wearing weather, at least it isn’t layered coat wearing weather :).


Terry started working on the ditches yesterday, but the wind was just too bad. In fact it blew one of the yard lights off it’s pole, so he had to stop.


The wind blew the storm over Grand Mesa, which is how our storms go…in through eastern Utah, then over Grand Mesa to the Craig, Steamboat Spring area and on to where ever they go from there.  Sometimes they lose their steam along the way, but always they leave us by going toward Cedaredge and Grand Mesa.


We will start work on getting the spot ready for the old grainery...this might take some time, but it has to be moved before the first cutting of hay.  Where it sits now is where the haystacks are going to sit.

I must be off…the sun has warmed the frost off of things and I need to be doing!

Have a nice day everyone!




7 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 5, 2013

  1. Your storms blow by like ours do…following the mountains and bypassing us most of the time anymore. Didn’t used to be that way but it is now.


  2. They only look like they’re coming to Cedaredge. They all seem to part like the Red Sea and end up dumping on the Mesa and/or going off down the Hotchkiss corridor. 🙂 We are the banana belt here. 🙂


  3. That’s a pretty strong wind, Linda… BUT–I can imagine why Terry can’t fix it –when the wind is THAT strong. YIPES….

    We have had rain all morning. In fact, a thunderstorm woke us up early today.. NOW they are saying we’ll get snow tonight and tomorrow morning… SO–don’t think winter is finished with us either.

    Hope you have a good day.


  4. Hope that wind quits for you. I think wind is worse than snow. But without wind we’d have skunk air like Salt Lake City, so I guess even it is necessary.


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