Racing Across an Icy Land—-Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Yesterday we loaded up ourselves, the pick-up and the snowmachines and headed to Grand Mesa

Where I started to get back my ‘snow-machining legs’, which I had left behind in 2002.

Of course, Terry didn’t have any problems

He raced up and down hills while I stayed safely on the trails.  Although, sometimes I did venture into the pale whiteness and take myself up and down a few short climbs.

By the time the blizzard was in earnest, we decided to load up and head home.

A brief outing into the frozen, brittle and crisp snow on Grand Mesa.

It was extremely exhilarating and refreshing!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




My Brother Wrote Something —- Wednesday, October 3, 2018

One day last year my brother wrote to me a wee email about my search for purpose in life

(this is a random, but a consistant battle I have with myself—finding my ‘skills’)

I don’t seem to struggle as much as use too, but the ‘need’ to be good at something still rings within me at different points.

Anyway, I printed off his thoughts and read over his email randomly

At the very end, he stated something I have been thinking each of you might find a use for in your life

Dan wrote; “I have learned that when I am feeling pressured, stressed, depressed, or ill— it is a message ringing from my soul to change or do something different”.

Every time I read that my heart, mind, and soul goes WOW!

That is the key….the Universe calling loudly to me.

So it is with a sense of cheerfulness and pleasure

I can actually see what I am longing for—then, as lightly as a fluttering butterfly; peace and purpose fill my body and I can move forward.

I hope this amazing statement from my brother can help you also.

From my world to your heart,




Roads—Thursday, September 27, 2018

As we traveled along the, sometimes easy to drive upon roads,

And the sometimes challenging roads my thoughts would turn to the wonder of this most ancient of living things—our earth

The majesty of the noble trees, the huge mountains of slow moving, and slow thinking rocks

The yellow silver dollar-sized leaves falling on us as we moved throughout the forest my heart, mind, and soul was filled with awe

We, each and every one of us, are very blessed to live here on this world we call Earth!

Very blessed.

From my world to your heart,




The Loss of Vital Moisture—Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Back to our little trip with good friends, Larry and Glenda, on Saturday.

Although, we have known, have driven around and seen all the horrendous loss to the lakes in Gunnison and Ridgway, and on Grand Mesa

Riding in the backcountry, brought the tremendous loss right up front.

 The need for snow and rain is huge

Since Larry and Glenda live on Grand Mesa year-round, I asked if there are any signs that the snowpack will be abundant this coming winter.

They both explained that if the Fireweed is correct….(the old-timers say when the Fireweed is abundant it means there will be lots and lots of snow come winter)—Grand Mesa should have lots of snow.

Click on the blue link to see information about the Fireweed.

They continued on explaining that this year, on the Grand Mesa, the wildflowers were rich and abundant and very plentiful.  Especially the Fireweed.

Click on the blue link to see photos of Fireweed.

Excellent news, don’t you think?

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Few Days Back—Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Grand-Mesa-3A few days ago, we were invited to Grand Mesa to meet our daughter and son-in-law’s family from Missouri,

Grand-Mesa-5We had a great time sitting around the camp, basking in the high mountain sun

Grand-Mesa-6Taking short hikes through the wild flowers, in general just resting, visiting, and relaxing.

Grand-Mesa-4Our daughter and her fur daughter, Gypsy.

Breaks…makes life ever so better.

Your friend,


Home is the Nicest Word There Is—Sunday, April 24, 2016

“Home is the nicest word there is.”—Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie


I finally got a series of the Pink Full Moon in April…


after downloading the photos I was surprised that there is a faint pink to the moon!


Also, one day last week we saw the most stunning view of the San Juan Mountains—the sky was cloudy accept where the sun had broken through and was shinning just on them.

Sjs We live in the original land of the Ute–the Shoshone–and the Blackfeet Indians–they called the San Juan’s the Shinning Mountains…when I saw the sun breaking through the clouds and lighting up the mountain range I SO had to agree with them!

The San Juan’s lie to the south of us, to the south west is the Uncompahgre Plateau, the west is the Canyons and the desert called The Stinking Desert, to our north is the Grand Mesa, and to the east are the West Elk Mountains.   We are surrounded by shinning mountains on three and half sides and stunning canyons and desert on the other half side.

SoSJSince we live and farm on a mesa we have the joy of seeing so many vistas of great beauty.

I just know, where each one of you live, you also share in this perfect wonder land called the earth!

From my heart to your world!



There in the Midst—Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring-Storm-1Boomer and I took a walk-about yesterday, even though the wind was blowing sharp with a face stinging cold.

As I dropped down over the hills of the Upper End I stopped in wonder.

Dropping down to a sitting position, backing myself up to a crop of Chico and rabbit brush, I held my breath… the sight was a gift to behold.

The wind stirred the brush, and rustled the cattails in the marsh behind me, above me a Murder of crows passed their shrill cries loud, but part of the whole.

WaitingEven though the wind whined around me, flipping dust and little particles of debris on to my face and clothes, it was hard to leave. The clouds continued to thicken overhead, the spring storm I watched gather on the Uncompahgre Plateau, then move into the Rubidoux Canyon, was making it’s way toward Boomer and I.

Hunting-EagleStill I stayed.  Boomer was somewhere over on the Sage Brush Hill, I could see him moving through the brush and weeds nose to the ground.

What sunlight we had was quickly darkening from all the heavy clouds boiling up from the Roubidoux Canyon, and spreading rapidly across my part of the sky.

Boomer and I were going to get drenched if I didn’t start moving soon!


Still I sat— until large wet, almost snow,— drops began to plummet from the clouds. Calling out to Boomer I picked myself up.  Stowed my camera in my pocket.  Raised my hand toward the Eagle and called, “THANK YOU! You Made my day!”

storm.jpgRushing back home, Boomer and I…we both sorta ran, walked, ran, panted a lot …arriving before we were totally drenched.

Wet, but not too bad.

Just watching the huge spring storm washing it’s way toward us, then being gifted with the sight of that magnificent bird— lifted my heart!  What a wonder to be so close to the wilderness, to be able to share in a small moment of time.

With love from my heart to your world,



It Is Not Always Work—Monday, October, 12, 2015


Moving-PipeWe’ve moved all the pipe!

Last-of-the-pipeEach four-wheeler hauling it’s share…back and forth, back and forth.  Suddenly we were done!

FoothillsAs the day started winding down, Terry asked me if I wanted to go for a little ride.




Flying low to the ground


Hair in the wind….we unwound from the day.

Your friend,



Beyond the Tips of Silver Wings—Monday, August 10, 2015

Early, early Sunday morning we received a phone call from a friend asking us to come fly with him.

GoNot being people who could turn down and invitation of such wonderful magnitude… we were off!

COnfluence-LaeThere (just above the wing tip),  was Confluence Lake, in our small town of Delta, Colorado. You can also see the  Gunnison River flowing toward Grand Junction, Colorado,  and two large fields of sunflowers on the top of lower California Mesa.

GMWe flew above the North Fork Delta County,  and then he took us over Grand Mesa.

BCAs time went on we traveled over the Book Cliffs (where wild horses roam) just above the city of Grand Junction, Colorado.

UncompahgreThen over the rugged and beautiful Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray, with the accent on the pah)

Us-2The smoke from all the fires made the air a little hazy, but suddenly we were flying over our farm.

Coming-inWhat a joy!  What an amazing adventure and a delightful gift!

Sunday in the air!

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


Pages Turn–Sunday, August 2, 2015

When my brother and I grew up, our parents owned a couple of lakes on Grand Mesa.  One was the reservoir attached to the orchard, upon which we lived.  Another one was a small natural lake above the reservoir, where spring snow melt collected and then was allowed to feed into the reservoir. This one was privately owned by my Mom and Dad.

Over time, my parents moved from Cedaredge, Colorado to Craig, Colorado…the orchard and the attached reservoir went on to other owners, but the small natural lake stayed under my parents ownership.

Pages turn and then become chapters. The chapters open up new and interesting things and ideas and sometimes lead to scary situations. In 2010 a new chapter started for this little lake.

Soon the small beautiful little lake on Grand Mesa, Colorado had a huge enemy made up of men, who had formed a quasi-governmental group, which  bought up water to rent to other people in need of shares of water.   Because they had purchased so much water they then needed to have lakes in which to store the water.

Mom and Dad’s little lake fell into their greedy sight, which caused me many nights of lost sleep, my brother and I lots of dollars, to try and save the little lake for our prosperity forever.


It was a long slog and a HUGE up-hill battle.  Finally the quasi-government of men threatened ’eminent domain’ to take the tiny little natural lake, full of native and (protected) yellow water lilies, surrounded by a gigantic meadow of (protected) peat.

Post (After cutting the dam and other damaging things— like removing the sign–they did leave the post.)

They had their lawyer call me and say the next step would be in court.  I told them to talk to my lawyer not to me.

Serious this whole thing was.

My brother and I decided we could not fight financially (or in court) anymore.  So we deeded the beautiful little natural lake to the Forest Service.

I know it’s gone forever from the family, but it’s safe.


No one can tear up the peat bog, or damage the meadow, or rip out the water lilies.

It’s still a lovely little place.

See-SawWe go up often, taking the grandchildren so they can see and understand that this little lake is a special little lake.


I go, because I know we fought the good fight and it’s safe for ever more.

Your Friend,