The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Night Visitors

I moved us outside…that stay’n in the house was start’n to wear on me.  Boom, now, he says he could stay in the house always.  But, Mom and Dad, and even I were getting right tired of Boomer sitting around panting.  So out we went.  Two days and two nights now, but Mom says we will have to move back in tonight as another winter storm is coming in today…it’s supposed to start raining this afternoon and then change over to snow.


But I suppose I should be grateful for the house. And Mom who insists we stay inside when it’s nasty outside.

Now if it’s raining AND THUNDERING I would MUCH PREFER being inside and right ON MOM, if she would let me!

Shudder, shudder, shake, and shudder!

But…onto night-time living.


Freddy Fox comes by;

Dog-Fox-Hummhe is pretty regular…

Freddy-Fox-1always around

Freddy-Fox-2early in the morning.


The two Raccoons come in the yard…not all the time, but they do come.  We can smell them coming so Boomer and I take off running as fast as we can to halllllllllllllllllllllllo at them.

Rikki-The-RaccoonOur running down the corral line always makes them hop up on the top of corral and scamper off back to the fields.


Sammy-Sam the cat hangs out with us until mid-night….he like to makes sure there are no stray cats on the property.  Then he gets tired and heads in for the night.  That cat sure seems to sleep a lot!  Then he comes back out around 4:00 in the morning, since there is usually something going on just before dawn.


Between us dogs and Sam we hardly ever have any stray cats, but we do get them.


We had this visitor….Dad helped him go to the Big Skunk heaven in the sky somewhere.


Can you imagine what SKUNK HEAVEN must smell like…………….phew.


We like to patrol the property

Nose(just the outbuildings and the house and yards) day and night.


In the daytime we get to chase squirrels.  We have a couple of ground squirrels and boy, are they ever fun.


There is always something happening…the chickens, other birds,  Dovesand we get to see

Going-byDad heading out to do work.  (We don’t go with Dad, just Mom.)

Yes, Sir!  That’s our job and I’m proud of it!


Fuzzy ….oh, yes…and Boomer



21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Night Visitors

  1. It’s always better when you like your job plus have a great place to live. Yup you two boys got plenty to be happy about.

    AND – – – – it appears Dad may have upgraded to a newer tractor. Is that right?


  2. What a lot of excitement for you guys to handle. My little house dogs patrol the yard, but they just have to imagine there is wildlife for them to scare.


  3. Hi there, I wonder if you’ve got predictions for that huge snow storm headed to Co. I loved seeing the fox-they are a nuisance but so beautiful. What ever happened to the old dog that was hanging around? Have a nice warm weekend.


  4. Skunk Heaven ..I think they should all go there…stinky varmits. They are just waking up here to breed..I hope there is too much snow for much cavorting:)
    Great photos of all your night time creatures:)


  5. Hi Guys!
    I think that Fox is smiling at you! You have lots of activity at night!
    I read what you said about beef jerky and milk duds last week. I was asking Mom about that. She just gave me “The Look”. Anyway, have you tried Peacock Poo or Goose Goo? Pickles and I think it’s great. Mom gets mad when she catches us though.

    Moms been really busy. And she keeps me busy. She thinks it might be spring soon. We have to go check on the cows, and look at fences, and train the sheep (only she says it’s me that we are training), and we are still cutting wood because it’s still cold. I think it’s time to go for a swim in the river but Mom says NO until the ice is gone.

    You guys take it easy. Don’t work too hard!


  6. wow, this was a great series, we got to see all kinds of things, and you are so light! What is this about another storm! great shots! take care of each other you two.. and Mom!! c


  7. Hi Fuzzy!! I don’t blame you for moving out to your ‘outside house’. It’s getting warmer here and I don’t sleep on the real thick bed lately, it makes me too warm. I sure like the pictures of all your visitors!! Wow, way cool!! We mostly get coyotes here and a few skunks sometimes. I try to keep everything from getting too close to the house, but I’m getting old and sometimes it’s quite hard work!

    Tell mom that my mom likes her new header!! She says “hi”! Take care, you two.


  8. Fuzzy, tell momma and daddy that I really, really hope they get lots of snow/rain in the mountains.
    Thanks for sharing pics of all your nighttime visitors. 🙂


  9. You guys give a very good account of yourselves as to what you see and do. You sense many interesting thins that Mom would never catch onto.


  10. Wow! Great night shots. You had a lot of visitors while the people were sleeping. No wonder you wanted to be out in the action. But stay away from those skunks. We have a lot of those collared doves around here too. They sit up in the trees and count. ONE-two-three. ONE-two-three.


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