The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Little Bit

This is about a little bit


A Little bit of THIS

A Little bit of THAT


Tee Hee!

We have a new bird on the farm.  There isn’t much to say about him except he is really loud…talks all the time and does this drumming thing.  He is Dad’s turkey…he hangs out wherever Dad is…in the shop, in the other shop…out by the grain bins.  Fuzzy and I don’t care ‘cause WE HANG WITH MOM!

Shannon just came over and took Tom back…she has to take her turkey back as she really misses him.  Well, that works … Tom told us he really misses home!


The dog cousins come over for a walk every day.  We LOVE IT!


Fuzzy’s favorite thing to do is ….


Hang on now…


it’s coming…




I try it with him every once in a while,


I guess its sorta fun…

SplashI guess.

We have lots more fun taking care of the yard…


At night


Can you can see why!

Although, I HAVE been sprayed by a skunk and so has Fuzzy  we say far away and just bark at where the skunk is so Mom and Dad have to come out and see what is up.


We all helped Mom work in the yard…Sam the cat hogged the Catmint, but guess what?  Fuzzy and I DID NOT CARE!


The cat can have all the catmint he wants! 🙂


So not much really happening, but Fuzzy and I like it just fine!!





17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Little Bit

  1. I’m glad, Boomer, that things are relatively quiet on the farm right now, but it looks as if you and Fuzzy stay busy guarding the yard at night. I’m glad you stay away from the skunks. I’m also glad you get to see your dog cousins each day.


  2. Nice post Boomer, I like little this little that! Stay away from skunks and quills okay? Tell Mom I’ll catch up on the blog posts even if I don’t comment!


  3. You werent to sure about Tom! LOL Hopefully he will stay off the road now!
    Skunks eeeuuuwww Watch out for those coons too!

    A bit wet here, but still 60 during the day! My garden is growing!


  4. Hi Boomer! Hey Fuzzy!
    wow, that was a cool looking turkey. Maybe he’ll come for a visit now and then. I’m with you, Fuzzy. I really like the water! You guys have a lot to do at night! Mom makes me sleep inside, in my crate.
    It’s been raining A LOT here. Yesterday there was lots of thunder and I tried to bark it all away but Mom made me come in cuz she said the strikes were too close.

    I met a huge, Gus eating, python the other day. Practically scared the fur right off of me. It was in the grass and it hissed at me and said it was going to eat me. Mom got off the ATV (and I got on) and looked at it. She says it was a Bull snake, but I still think it was a python.

    Talk to you later,


  5. So what you’re telling me is that a dog’s life can be very interesting. You just poke around and watch what’s going on. You miss nothing. You tell a good story.


  6. What amazing wild life you have around your place! We have so little in NZ, thanks to this little splinter of land breaking away so early in the life of the planet !!! All our animals have been introduced…so with no natural predators they multiply and people consider them pests. I don’t !!!


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