Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terry is out cultivating the pinto beans…THANK HEAVENS FOR BIG EQUIPMENT!  I would hate to have to go out and weed that whole field by hand…although, we have to when the pintos get too big to drive a tractor through.  At that time we only go after the big weeds and still they will get away from us.


Linkin rode her bike over…

Grammy's-1you can see by this series of photos that they live just over the fields from us…

Grammy's-2which is nice, because the kids never have to get on the road to ride their bikes…

Grammy's-3they just have to head down the field roads.


We took her to her school (Lincoln Elementary) to show us what she likes to do at recess,

A-game whereby she and her Grandpa had a very hot game of Tether Ball.  After a well balanced super of Chili-cheese fries and a Frosty we took on a game of Miniature Golf!  No scores kept just good fun.  Grandpa won the prize at the end of the game, which was a turn each in the batting cages.

It was Linki’s first time to ever swing a bat —  she did really good.  We used the softball pitch.


Then back home to change water and set it in the next area.


While they were up at the corn field I tried my hand at photographing a hummer or two.

I still have a long ways to go to getting a good shot!


Have a good Tuesday everyone!  Meet you back here tomorrow!


15 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 4, 2013

  1. Hi Linda, Hope you have a good Tuesday also… It’s a beautiful day here –and not too hot and humid. Just perfect!
    Wish I had a big piece of equipment to weed our flowerbeds… ha ha… The weeds really love us –especially since we have had so much rain!!!! BUT–the rain has given us many beautiful flowers also!!!!
    Glad your grandkids can visit with their bikes –and not have to get out on the roads…

    LOVE your hummers… We don’t have many here so far this year.


  2. Oh Linda, thank you for sharing your beautiful, tranquil life with these wonderful photos. They are priceless. I can just smell the fresh air out over your fields and that precious photo of Linki riding her bike ther…wow. Wonderful to take through the day to think folks have that balance……which is what we are all looking for. Such fun to you all!!!! Merri


  3. Such a blessing having Grandparents so close and looks like she is having so much fun with you guys! 🙂 Can’t imagine weeding those pintos!


  4. Didn’t you write a post about Terry making that “road” a few years back, so that Bladen could ride his bike over without going on the real road? I seem to remember that…
    Love the hummers…I’ve seen two so far this year 🙂


  5. It looks like you will have a bumper crop of pinto beans. Too bad you have to weed them. You will get the hang of taking pictures of Hummers.


  6. I like seeing that you take time out of your busy day to just enjoy time with the grandkids. Love the irrigation photo. You are also blessed to have such a fine crop of hummers. Around here they are hard to find and, yes, don’t pose much for photos. Those fields are looking good.


  7. Great that the kids can be safe!
    Love your photos. You don’t take bad pictures.
    I hear you on weeds. They’ve just about beaten me, this year. You all are amazing!
    Have a good Wednesday. ♥


  8. Oh Linda, what happy days and happy families. Idyllic pictures of the farm and you all having fun together… so precious to be able to live it vicariously with you !!! Thank you…


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