No Matter What Occurs —-Monday, June 29, 2020

While out setting water for the last time yesterday

Feeling all exhausted and wore out, from way too much work during the day

I found TWO heart rocks, resting where they have rested for a very long time

It amazes me how I can go by a place, work within a space, and never see a heart rock

Then, just as I need a pick-me-up; the invisible becomes visible.

From that point on, my heart, my mind, and my soul felt relaxed.

From my world to your heart,



In the Clamoring, Tossing, and Swaying Wind —- Thursday, April 16, 2020

Off we went down the next mile to load and haul dirt

When all that HUGE amount of trash came roaring down the canal, into our headgate and then onto the farm

The water washed away all the dirt along the cement ditch

We loaded and hauled dirt for two full days…

With several more days of loading and hauling to go.

Although the day was clear, the sky blue and the sun rippling between clouds; we had wind.

Look closely and you can see dirt dancing on the crisp bright air

Two full days, more days to go

Then water to set (which occurs several times a day)

The end of the day—finally.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terry is out cultivating the pinto beans…THANK HEAVENS FOR BIG EQUIPMENT!  I would hate to have to go out and weed that whole field by hand…although, we have to when the pintos get too big to drive a tractor through.  At that time we only go after the big weeds and still they will get away from us.


Linkin rode her bike over…

Grammy's-1you can see by this series of photos that they live just over the fields from us…

Grammy's-2which is nice, because the kids never have to get on the road to ride their bikes…

Grammy's-3they just have to head down the field roads.


We took her to her school (Lincoln Elementary) to show us what she likes to do at recess,

A-game whereby she and her Grandpa had a very hot game of Tether Ball.  After a well balanced super of Chili-cheese fries and a Frosty we took on a game of Miniature Golf!  No scores kept just good fun.  Grandpa won the prize at the end of the game, which was a turn each in the batting cages.

It was Linki’s first time to ever swing a bat —  she did really good.  We used the softball pitch.


Then back home to change water and set it in the next area.


While they were up at the corn field I tried my hand at photographing a hummer or two.

I still have a long ways to go to getting a good shot!


Have a good Tuesday everyone!  Meet you back here tomorrow!


Opening the Fields

We opened the fields Friday — which means we started water.  This is a big job as all the ditches have to be flushed, the weeds cleaned out.

Flushing-the-ditches  Hank enjoys helping the water move through the mud at the bottom of the ditches.  He gets the mud packed into his nose.  Such a goofy dog! (said with love)


Then the water is set in the proper fields.


Boomer only likes the water to get a drink out of, most the time he is out scouting around!

The day started out cold, warmed up, and then cooled down again.  Of course when you are working you warm up fast!

We had help, Misty and Tallen, Hank, Boomer, and Fuzzy.


Fuzzy didn’t want to get off the four-wheeler so I just let him stay up there.  This is not normal for him as he loves ‘chasing water’.  I guess, he has decided he is just too old now and will opt for directing the other dogs on what to do.  The patriarch of the dog pack so to speak.


I would set him down and he would hang out in the shade, go over and get a drink and then head back to the shade.  Sort of sad really, but at least he still like going with us.

Tallen really does help…we gave her a row of her own and she truly worked at getting the water down it.

HelperThese little grandchildren may never live or work on a farm, but they are getting a good taste of what it takes to make a row crop farm go. 🙂



This photo shows you the gated pipe at work.  The little gates are nice in some ways, in others not so nice….like having to clean the trash out of them.  You have to reach clear inside and pull the trash out, lots of bending over and getting your hands and fingers wet.

Set-waterThe end of the day we were all back out there.


When you open a field every end of the row has to be dug out so your water goes down the row it is supposed to be in.  Corn is watered every other row.  Lots of digging when you first open a field, lots of digging after you plant and after you cultivate.

Terry always waters the corn fields first so he doesn’t have to worry about cold weather coming along and causing the VERY EXPENSIVE corn seed to rot.

We will soak the fields, let them dry, then he will plant.

In the beginning your winter body doth protest loudly, by the end of the season you are ‘fit as a fiddle’ — as my beloved maternal grandfather would say.

Terry packed rows ahead of us so we didn’t have to walk the water through the field, sometimes packing helps sometimes not.  Yesterday and Friday it worked great!

I hope each and everyone of you have a really nice Sunday…a day of just doing whatever you feel like doing!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Back to Work

We are back to work!  Hanging around and just doing what we want is now over, our work has begun.  That’s what Mom told us yesterday as we headed out to help irrigate.

See we don’t farm with Dad.  We stay with Mom wherever she is.  Our job is helping Mom, always.  Sometimes Boomer will go out some with Dad but Dad is always on a tractor or something and that is just not fun running alongside a big piece of equipment.

We ride (like Mom does) and then we work.

Boomer and I really like it.

We really like helping out too.  There is so much to do.  Sometimes there are mice to snap in two and sometimes not, but there are always smells to smell and for ME there is water to play in.

It’s getting a little harder every year to get OUT of the ditches, but I don’t have any trouble getting into them.  Mom doesn’t like for me to get into the ditches anymore because I can’t get out very well.  But I still do it — I just wait until she isn’t looking and I jump in.

The day before Dad made all the ditches on the place—first he made the main ditches, these are the ditches that carry the water to the fields from the head gate (the head gate takes the water out of the canal onto our place).

Then he made the waste ditches, these are the ditches that take the water away from the field and drop the water back into the canal so the next farm can use the water.

After that we had to wait for the ditch rider to open the head gate so we could begin work.

Work started at 6:00 last evening.  We worked until 8:00 because there were so many weeds and burn trash in the ditches, but we made it.

Boomer and I helped.  I even got into the water a couple of times which made Mom yell at me.  She said the water was too full of trash and it would stick to my fur so I had to get out.


Trash on fur is not a big deal.

But she made me get out.

It was rather hard to get out, so I hung with Mom looking for mice in the tubes while she dug out ends and started the tubes with water.

Dad had to work on the trash in the head gate and the transmission ditch, and then he came and helped Mom set tubes.

The trash WAS bad.

And the wind was bad.  The wind kept blowing in other trash so we had to stay out and keep the water from flowing over the sides of the cement ditch for ever so long.

Boom and I really enjoyed it.

Mom and Dad said they were tired.

They worked all morning, then helped Evan move furniture into his new house and set up his new kitchen and then chased water all evening.  The second they sat down in their chairs they were asleep.

Boomer and I were still good to go, but since the folks were so tired we decided maybe we wouldn’t chase Freddy Fox or any of the raccoons tonight or even get on the barking telephone system.

Around 11:00 Dad had to go back out in the wind to check tubes again to make sure they hadn’t trashed back up and stopped or the water was flowing over the sides of the cement ditch into the work fields.

We went part way and then turned back.  ½ mile is pretty far to run for me anymore and Boomer didn’t want to leave me.

By that time we were tired so when Dad got back we went to bed also.

Anyhow our work has begun.

We love it, couldn’t ask for a better life!

Fuzzy (and Boomer)