Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thank you to everyone who wished Fuzzy a Happy Birthday!

Terry and I have been making siphon tubes.  We always have a few that split and/or crack during the year.


We first heat up a PVC pipe, cut to length, then put the soften tube into a homemade mold to let the plastic cool back down in the shape we want.  After we get whatever it is we are needing for whatever field we are working on, we take them out and put them right to work.


The days are hot….really too hot for June, more like July hot…tomorrow we are supposed to hit 102*, yesterday it got to 99*.  Today we will hit somewhere around that again.


Our heat is nothing like the areas that have high humidity with it.  We are considered High Mountain Desert so our heat is a dry heat.

What is nice about desert heat is is does cool down during the night.  Mornings are nice!  When Terry and I went out to change the water this morning at 5:30 we both wore a light jacket…that won’t be the case later in the day or this evening.

Last night Terry stepped wrong and tore his calf muscle.  What a mess…poor guy!  It’s his left leg so I have to do the driving where there is a stick shift and do the walking up and down the ditch bank.  Now we work as a different team…he supervises and I tote and fetch and carry and lay and start the tubes.

I think I liked the other team better—you know like teamwork.  🙂


I’m a little concerned about hauling hay, as I’ve never ran the loader… ever!  I can pick up and move bales by hand, but the loader…..

Maybe he can hook up the loader to the 730 as it has a hand clutch—we will see.  Tomorrow he will go to the Doctor and then we will figure out how to haul the hay.

As they say—where there is a will there is a way!

We will get there, he just needs to take it easy and let the muscle reattach itself.

Hummer-3This is pretty grainy because I was way too far away.

Have a restful and fun Sunday!



19 thoughts on “Sunday, June 9, 2013

  1. OH NOOOOO! Is this a “no walking on it” injury? You’ll get through the hay hauling. Running the loader might be fun! Ice. Lots of ice. Rest. Elevate. Good luck with the Dr. visit tomorrow.
    Fuzzy, Boomer, you boys help to take care of Dad and help Mom as much as you can.


  2. Hi Linda, So sorry to hear about Terry’s injury… Now–I hope YOU will be extra careful doing that ‘extra’ work –so that you won’t hurt yourself too…

    Beautiful sky/sun photos.. Wow!!!!! Love your hummers also.

    Have a great day..


  3. I’m sorry to hear about Terry’s injury — I hope it heals quickly. You two are a marvelous team and I know you’ll get the hay problem figured out. You’re also very ingenious for making your own siphon tubes.


  4. Sorry to hear about Terry! I hope he heals quickly. I never knew of making those siphon tubes by hand….amazing!!! And I do miss the dry heat. We are starting 3 months of awful humidity and therefore three months of hating PA! 🙂


  5. I’ve suddenly torn each of my bicep muscles at various times. Each time, it felt like getting shot by a .22 and heard a crack sound like the .22. Each time, the doc said, “Yep, you tore your bicep muscle…not much we can do – it won’t affect your strength.”

    Turned deep purple, sore for a couple of weeks, gradually stopped hurting, but now there a dip where there should be a bulge.

    I’m guessing that the calf muscle works the same way…



  6. Hi Linda…tell Fuzzy I had his name as Misty…ha ha ha, He does nto care as long as he gets that daily birthday treat…

    I am praying for you both and your endeavors there. I love your attitude, Where there is a will there is way. And you folks, being so good and kind to the land, to pets, to grandchildren, certainly not only will be able…you are able!!!Rest in the coolness. Thinking of you from Willow House. Kitties and birdies and all say HI … Merri


  7. Sorry to hear bout Terry. I hope it urns out to be not serious and that he is back at it very soon. Yes, get it attended to as fast as possible.


  8. I think the hummer photo is great! Sorry to hear about Terry. 😦 Hope he gets well, soon.
    Pray it cools off for you and that things go okay with the hay, too! ♥


  9. Your mould idea gave me an idea thanks. Hope Terry heals fast so you can get back to regular teamwork. I hate it when the Bossman cranks his back and I have to pick up the slack so I know what you mean about having to do something your not familiar with 😦


  10. OH Linda – what a set-back for you both… poor Terry – isn’t that very painful?
    And you have all my sympathies having to do a man’s work on the farm…hope you look after yourself, and get enough rest… and food and lots to drink in that heat…
    And with all that on your mind, you treated us to those lovely sunrises..thank you and .go well, good friend


  11. Ouch! Hope Terry heals quick. Maybe it’s time to teach those grandkids how to drive. I know the oldest is only 9 or so but still, it’s never to early to learn to earn one’s keep. Interesting about the tubes. I thought they were soft for some reason.


  12. So sorry to read about Terry’s injury – it must be painful too. He’s probably not at all impressed with it.
    Love the hummingbird pics you’ve been showing. Wish we had those little cuties over here.


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