Monday, June 10, 2013

The hay is looking good!  We need to haul it in soon…either today or tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.


This might be the last time we get a cutting off this field since the water is short.  Terry will decide after the hay is hauled in.

I know I keep going on and on about the water (I’m sure it is becoming and old song by now) but that is where our thoughts are.  Moving water, making sure everything gets wet, always asking the question “can we make it?”  Everyday we ask, everyday we work it a little bit more and ‘whew’ we are through those rows.

Terry is off to the Doctor around 9 this morning, which will tell us more about his leg.  He is DETERMINED that HE WILL haul in the hay…


Sigh, sigh!

I decided I will just have to see it though, and if I can pick up the slack I will.


We finally had to break down and hook up the air conditioner.  93* was hot and today it is supposed to be 103*  It was time

Besides coming into a cool house was nice after the blistering heat in the fields. The wind is predicted to rise today so having the cooler on will help keep the dirt out of the house.


Well, not much going on here, just taking it one day at a time, one field at a time and waiting to see what the Doctor has to say.

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21 thoughts on “Monday, June 10, 2013

  1. We also live in irrigation country. Our farming water is meltwater from the Sierras so it is interesting for me to read about your water situation.


  2. I do hope that it isn’t a really serious thing. IF they let him walk on it ( I’m sure he has been) then hay hauling should go okay.
    We can never worry too much about water and weather. Those two things have an awful lot to do with our income!


  3. You’re getting very good at catching hummingbirds.

    How tall is your hay at cutting and do you let it bloom before cutting? Our purple and yellow clover are just now starting to bloom and its only about 8-10 inches high. I’m thinking we’re several weeks behind Delta.

    Let me know what the doc says about Terry’s leg.


  4. Your hay looks great, now I will give you some of our rain and then we can do some hay also. Now that the rain has started it seems to not want to stop.


  5. Hope Terry’s leg will be okay… I have him –and you— in my prayers. The hay looks good . Hope he is able to haul it –without more damage to the leg…

    Sorry it’s gotten so hot —but glad you didn’t get rain while working on the hay.. I don’t blame you for turning on the AC..

    Have a great day–and keep us posted about Terry.


  6. Weather and water are always a concern. But, they do always happen. Just not when we want them too! We also irrigate our meadows and heifer lots. But we flood irrigate and pump from the creek. UGH! Hand lines! In the heat! 🙂 We live in the “high desert”, probably not as high as you guys. But we have the “dry heat” here on the east side of the state, On the west side its humid!


  7. Love the blog and appreciate the sacrifices our farmers make. But I am ignorant, especially regarding irrigation. You grow feed corn – isn’t that a water-intensive crop in a semi-arid area? I assume you grow what makes the most money (I would) so water to irrigate with must be cheap? Do you pay for the water? If so, and if it were more expensive, would you grow something that required less water?


  8. The hay looks beautiful! It must be very satisfying to see it baled… probably more satisfying to see it baled, stacked and put away! I hope Terry gets good news from the Doctor, despite how terrible and painful it sounds. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Love your hummers! Stay cool!


  9. I wish we could send our rain clouds to you! Well, after you get the hay in of course! They just got the hay in via oxen at the farm I volunteer at. They got a new team a few months ago and they are so much fun to watch.


  10. It’s good to see those bales of hay in the field. I hope you can get it in without any problems. Your photo of the reflection in the irrigation ditch is beautiful. I completely understand why water is much on your minds.


  11. What a sun-set, beautiful… do hope you get good news about Terry’s leg. you sound a little tired/ despondent. You work so hard… hope you’re drinking lots of water in all that heat… thank goodness you have air conditioning…


  12. Your hummer pictures are getting better! What fun and it is so hard to get those farmer types to just STOP! Hope his leg is okay.


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