The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Thirteen Years and Counting

This is my BIRTHDAY month!


Mom says I have a whole month for a birthday!  That is because she doesn’t really know when I was born!  I was a lost dog when Mom and Misty found me.

I was also five years old when Mom and Misty found me.

You see I was ‘dumped off’ in the country by my other people.  Since I am part Border collie and part Sheltie (that is what my vet says) I sat by the side of the road where they dumped me for days and days and days.  Anytime Mom or Misty would try to get me I would run off…I was waiting for my people to come back, you see.

I waited until I went from 40 pounds to 25 pounds.  I was sooooooooooo hungry I almost couldn’t run anymore.  But I waited!

Then Misty came out with ROAST BEEF!  That was it…I was Mom’s for life.  Mom took me home and gave me lots of love and took me to the vet and well…here we are eight years later!


Since Mom brought me home in June that is when my birthday is…I get a whole month…because neither she nor I could figure out a good day.



Dad had a meeting so Mom, Boomer and I did the water without Dad.  We had lots to do.


A skunk got in one of the gated pipes so we had to get it out and then bury it.


Boomer and I wanted to sniff it up really well, but Mom didn’t let us….  “Leave the dead alone you guys!” she said.


We had to walk up to the middle of the pinto bean field and check on a pipe there…it was horribly HOT!


Then we rode the four-wheeler up to the hay field to see how the alfalfa was in the hay making process.  Boomer jumped off because he smelled a cool smell and had to run home.


Then we sat outside and had a couple of really yummy Dog Treats and a milk bone for my Birthday while Mom watched the hummingbirds. And I got lots and lots and lots of pets.  Boomer got some too, but it was my special day so Boomer had to let me have the most!


Then around 10 o’clock that night we all went back out and changed the water in the front corn field.

It sure was a nice day!

A perfect Birthday just for me!




30 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Thirteen Years and Counting

  1. Happy Birthday MONTH to Fuzzy… Fuzzy was a lucky doggie –getting to have you all as his family… How would you get a dead skunk out of a pipe???? Yipes… Never do I want to smell a skunk–dead or alive…. ha

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Aw, I just loved this post, it was so fun to read! How sad that Fuzzy was left to die like that, I’m so relieved you were able to rescue him. He’s a really beautiful dog, and wish him a happy birthday for me! Your blog is great 🙂


  3. WOW, Fuzzy! You get a whole month! Does that mean you get extra treats every day? Finding a dead skunk and then helping bury it is really COOL! To bad your mom didn’t let you roll in it though. Pickles loves to roll in dead skunks.
    Happy Birthday Fuz!

    Fuzzy, we are all so glad you went for the roast beef and landed in a good place.


  4. OH I LOVE THIS. WE share birthdays…..Fuzzy. I am honored to share JUNE with you!!! lol PLUS I jsut changed my screen saver toi YOU walking intthe pinto bean field. I do wish you woudl send soem SUN and HOT up to NE Minnsota where it is still dark again..cold again, and well, pretty, but we are still waiting fro spring. Lilacs are just out and so am goign to celbrate YOU and ME Fuzzy…with a large boquet of them…plus doggie for you and one for me ha ha ha Merri


  5. Happy, Happy Birthday, Fuzzy!!! I love all your pictures, but especially the 3rd one of you! You’re one special little guy! I know you are happy Mom and Misty found you, but I have a feeling they are happy to have you, too! You deserve to celebrate all month for the ripe ole age of 13!

    Good hummer picture, Linda! and with low light, too! I am having a problem with little beetles and flies getting into my feeder….grrrrr. I don’t know how to keep them out, either.

    Be careful in the heat. Blessings!


  6. Happy Birthday, Fuzzy. I know you’re glad Mom got you to go home, but I’ll bet she’s happy to have you. You had a beautiful sunset for your birthday. I’m glad it was a wonderful day for you.


  7. Shame on those bad people for just dumping a great dog like you out in the country. But you got a great home and Linda got a great dog, so it is their loss. Happy gotcha day.


  8. My dearest, darling Fuzzy… What a great month this is going to be!! Your birthday and the beginning of summer… they say that all good things come to those who wait – I’ll bet Linda and Misty and Terry are sure glad they waited you out ❤
    You look a whole lot like my sweet boy Robert and every time I see a picture of you… well, it makes me smile (I miss Robert a lot). Handsome boyz are hard to get over 😉
    Give your Mom some kisses and enjoy the whole month!!
    xoxo Cully


  9. Happy Birthday!
    Wow! A whole month of birthdays sounds like great fun. I have only one day since mom has my “papers”. I’m not sure what that means but every time we come back from the vet she puts more paper into the “papers” folder.

    Best Wishes,


  10. How SWEET! I am a sucker for stories like this! Our dogs have birthdays also. But only 1 day. They know the day, because its written on the calendar! HA! 🙂 Have a great birthday month Fuzzy! You deserve it. And yea, I agree with mom – LEAVE THE “STINKY KITTIES” ALONE! (that’s what we call them here). Have a great day!


  11. Fuzzy darling, happy happy birthday. When I celebrate mine in a week or so, I will toast you too… I think you have a much better life with lovely Linda than you’d have had with those other people, and I’m so glad you have each other, and Boomer too…with love from one birthday person to another….XXX…


  12. Boomer, Happy birthmonth !! Our little dog ‘Jingo’ also has a birthday this month, he’s 11 going on 11 months!! He was left in a shed to cry, until we were united. Here’s to all creatures like US !!! Happy Birthmonth Mate XXXX


  13. Wow! So glad you have a whole month for your birthday Fuzzy, that way I’m not too late to add my Congratulations and Happy Birthday wishes. Thanks for telling your story too of how you found your lovely home. Luck happened both ways didn’t it. Cheers and a big hug 🙂


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