The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In the Good Old Summer Time


I don’t even care if it is HOT!

Summer and I go together no matter what… there are things to do outside always!

Heck, I don’t even sleep in my dog house in SUMMER!

I sleep out next to the dog house in the cool, cool dirt!

We do lots of stuff in the summer…every day is FULL!


There is helping Dad irrigate … we ride up on the four-wheeler with Mom and then while they set tubes we help stir up the mud in the ditch so it washes away!


Our dog cousins like to hang out in the canal…Boomer and I NEVER go in the canal it would wash us away, away, away.


The little kids play in water also…Boomer, Hank and I have never been invited into that water, but I’ll bet I WOULD LIKE IT!


We always help Mom when she works outside…I like to rest my eyes while she is working. Lots of times Boomer keeps watch to see when Mom moves from one garden to the next garden.

(I have scared Mom a time or two because she says I sleep ‘like the dead’.  I’m not sleeping!  Hurampf, puff, puff     I’m just resting.  I always wake-up when Mom touches me and asks if I’m okay.   OR GO!! I AM ALWAYS READY TO GO!)

Mom says I have to change sides with Boomer on the four-wheeler because I’ve fallen off twice.  On the side I now ride on I can lean on Mom’s back to hold my balance.  You see I always Stand UP and sometimes my legs get tired.  The way I liked to ride on the other side I just would NOT lean on Mom when I got tired.  Now I do.

It has taken Boomer and me a lot of getting use to these other sides, but Mom says We Have to switch so we are learning.


Then when Mom goes inside we go in also.  Cool air is really nice when the days are too hot.  We are having humidity with our heat now—panting isn’t always cooling ENOUGH!


That is how it is in the Good Old Summer Time!



21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In the Good Old Summer Time

  1. Hi Fuzzy! Hey Boomer! I love summer too, even if it’s hot. I play in the river, and help Mom hay, and protect her from the hose when she fills water tanks. The only thing I don’t like is the thunder. And it just did. Mom says we might not bale. I’m going to go hide in the bath tub!
    The Gus


  2. Love the first and last photo. Love Fuzzy’s expression! “what? Just chillin” 🙂 UGH! Humidity ! Smokey likes hanging out in the house on hot days. Bandit likes it outside in the shade. You never know what might come strolling along. Plus she likes to drink out of the sprinkler!
    Have a nice day!


  3. I love how you guys never let your Mom out of your sight. That’s the main job of all good companion animals even though you country dogs have other jobs..


  4. I don’t know what you boys have been telling Sweet Cleo, but for the first time in her 14 years of life, she wants to swim in the pond! With the heat we’ve had the last 2 days, it’s a good thing, too…it sneaks up on us, real sudden out here!


  5. LUCKY DOGS!!! seeeesh and even NE MInnesota is hot now .NIce.!!!..It feels great and so much thanks for this wonderful blog we all enjoy so much. I love how Fuzzy sleeps so soundly and Boomer is wide awake and ready for action! I had a Katie just like Boomer…and always had to be on my toes with her outsmarting all of us…esp with FOOD. lol. Fun day to you and water looks so good I am going out to jump in the lake right here…lol..well at least wade in the lake lol –Merri


  6. Summer heat and water just seems to go together, doesn’t it, Fuzzy? Glad you are able to swim in the water and help clean the mud out, too. Good job! It’s getting hot here again after a nice cooler spell.



  7. Fuzzy, it looks as if you do a great job stirring up the mud in the ditches. I’m sure Mom and Dad appreciate that very much. I’m glad you’ve switched sides in the four-wheeler because I wouldn’t want you to get hurt falling out. Enjoy your summer, but stay safe.


  8. Fuzzy and Boomer, you all have a good mom and a good life.! I love seeing you on Fridays helping out. Have a good weekend and stay cool!!!


  9. Well Fuzzy (and Boomer), I’m glad you like summer and the heat…. NOT ME…. Lucky for me, so far this year –it has been fairly cool here… BUT it’s just July –and August is usually our hottest month… Me???? I’m ready for FALL… ha

    Have a nice weekend.


  10. Fuzzy, thanks for sharing your day with us. Mom’s are usually right about most things, so I think switching seats is a good idea. Falling out of the four-wheeler can cause a trip to the v.e.t.


  11. Wow, just as well you two have switched sides on the four wheeler – falling off is not good.
    Love the photos, especially of you two stretched out in front of the cooler – so cute 🙂


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