July 16, 2013

I have about 4 pair of Hummingbirds

1at my feeders now, plus two pair of the Bullock Orioles/


My photos are STILL not very good, 2but I’m working on them.

BO-2Part of the problem is how shy the Bullock’s are —

3the hummers are getting better about having me around.

Female-BOI can work in the flowers right under the feeders with them flying all around…

Femalesthe second I get my camera…………………sigh.

Then I saw a RUFUS humming bird…he and his mate were have a great time mixed in with all the other hummers…



I was extremely excited to see and actually get a photo of the little bird.

Have a good one everyone…we are off to haul firewood today.  Seems strange to think of firewood in July, but we must if we are going to stay warm this summer.  We will haul seven Dodge truck loads minimum before we have enough…last year the winter went on way too long and really needed 9 truck loads.  So one day a week for the next seven (possibly nine) weeks we will be hauling wood!

Have a good one everyone!



19 thoughts on “July 16, 2013

  1. Yes, we too are already collecting wood for our wood burner in Winter – no good leaving it until winter arrives is it?
    You ask if I have been to Denver – yes indeed I have – we stayed there for a few days and then caught the Amtrak up to Salt Lake City – stayed there a few days and then drove through the Canyon Lands. Wonderful country.


  2. Those little hummingbirds are so pretty! I am determined that one day, I will get some here! Have fun hauling wood! I know…it takes a lot of planning to be prepared for winter!


  3. I think your photos are great. Much better than I am able to get.
    I need to start on fire wood too. As soon as this hay is done. It’s taking forever for it to cure this year. All I have left is the hay barley an it might be ready around 10:00 or so. Still just a little tough right now.
    Have a wonderful day~!


  4. Linda, your bird pictures are great!! We keep 3 feeders filled here and have black-chinned and Anna hummers. They are a bit tricky to photograph, but you’re right, get more used to having humans around. I love your oriole picture with them peeking out at you! If the owner doesn’t mind, we’d like to hang a feeder at the Wyldhouse Farm where we’ll be staying. Driving up this Thursday, arriving on Saturday. Can’t wait!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Teri


  5. Great photos. The hummers here don’t seem to want to go to my feeders. Either that or I don’t see them there! The orioles are such pretty little birds. And you know what they say about firewood. It warms you twice! 🙂 Have a nice day.


  6. I feel so guilty. All I have for the little hummingbirds in my yard is lavender past its peak of bloom. They come, but they don’t stay long. I think they’re trying to tell me to put out a better lunch.


  7. I always love Hummingbirds, Linda, but today–I’m in love with the Orioles… You can put out a little grape jelly in a small bowl/lid for them —or some orange pieces. Orioles love that ‘sugar’….. That’s why they like the hummingbird ‘food’…..



  8. Ron fixed the pole the bear broke and I filled all the seed feeders then put ice cold sugar water out for our orioles and hummingbirds and within 3 min. the yard here was a ZOO!!! Throw in 50 Dragonfly’s and bees of every kind too but a strange sweet little brown bird appeared and sang a song for me lol or maybe it’s mate off some where I must see what it was as it is new for my yard.
    You will cut and haul wood and we will pick up a ton of coal for the next few months to get ready for that 4 letter word lol not that one COLD

    Love your captures!


  9. The hummers must be very difficult to photograph. The only good thing is that there are lots around your place. Hauling wood in July is about like hauling bales.


  10. Your bird pictures are awesome!! I’ve never heard of a rufus hummer. I sometimes have ruffus sided tohwees, but they are just passing through. the hop and scratch like chickens. My first sighting is because of the way they move. Good luck on the firewood.


  11. Great pictures of your hummers and the orioles, Linda. I don’t have any hummers at all since the 82 mph winds in June. Feeders out, but no takers.

    I have several cords of wood….I buy it from the Boys Scouts. They bring it out and stack it for me. I feel very fortunate to have it. Take care…..



  12. They are BEAUTIFUL. I’m curious. Were the hummers there, and then you go the feeder? Or did you get a feeder and then they came? I’d love to have some flitting about, but I don’t know if they even exist in this part of France (Burgundy)…


  13. My hummingbirds will just about land on my head when I’m refilling the feeder. Brave little buggers. Lately, there’s been a red wasp guarding the feeder and keeping the hummers away.
    Who stacks all that wood into cords when you get home? Back breaking work!!


  14. The birds are great! The oriole peeking through the gap between the tree and feeder is adorable. We used to cut and burn wood when we had our house here in Oregon.. (Back in our other life). I didn’t mind the work and loved the way it felt in our rainy winters.


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