The Next Day—Monday, May 11, 2015

rain-2.jpgThe days always seem so L.O.N.G. when the skies are dreary and gloomy and grey…even the sitting sun could only lighten up the misty, dripping clouds a tad.  But I suppose a tinge of sunshine is better than no sunshine.  🙂

Terry has become worried that seed corn has rotted in the ground, we see nothing sprouting out there.  Later on today we will go out and check. If it has rotted then he will have to re-buy the seed and replant.  A very costly thing to have to do, but very necessary.

Bullock-OrieoThe little bird from yesterday’s drenching rain post

2Is a Bullock Oriole.  So far this year I have two pair.  I’ve tried sitting out oranges and grape jelly, which everyone assures me they love, but the jelly gets hard and the oranges dry up.

!Instead the little feathered friends are sharing the Hummingbird feeders with the Hummingbirds.  I have about eight hummers now–I’m thinking that is four pair.  I have six feeders out, and could possibly add another one.  But I’m not in a hurry—if the food starts going away faster then I will put out another feeder or two.  (I use 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, if you are interested.)

Today we have sunshine.  Sunshine sure brings joy to my soul.

Your friend on a soggy, but sunny day, farm,


Fooled—Sunday, May 10, 2015

For a short time yesterday, I thought the rains and the clouds had gone away…to come back another day.

Raining-Again-2So I started to hang my clothes on the  clothes line to dry….FOOLED!  The rains came down and down and down—again!

!This cold miserable weather even has the summer birds wondering why in the world did they come back so quickly–it feels like winter.

We even have the wood stove going again it’s so cold.

2Although, I must admit, everything is greening up and looking lovely (if we don’t get a freeze) and the weeds are in heaven!

Today the renters move in!  I am doing a Happy, Happy Dance. A joyous dance! YAY!

Your friend in a wet and soggy world,



Then in Rained–Thursday, May 7, 2015

river.jpgYep.  Just after I finished posting to the blog, the heaven’s opened up and poured.

And poured

Then poured some more.  Our driveway turned into a river.

The events yesterday seemed to match the weather,

  • our mailbox was damaged (immature Jr. High damage…easily fixed, but still)
  • one of our cell phones was pick up/stolen (we put a stop on the number)
  • A load coming from a semi to our tuck damaged the tail gate (Terry said it can be fixed)
  • our car developed a need to never go down the road again (sigh)
  • It rained off and on all night

But as the soggy, miserable, cold day wore on

  • we purchased a new mailbox, turned the damage into the Sheriff and the post office, and put the new mail box up.  🙂
  • Late, late in the day our cell phone was turned into one of the store clerks where the phone was taken lost–today I will have it it re-instated.  Turning the ability to off to use it helped, I do believe.
  • The tail gate damage is on the inside of the truck, not the outside.  It will be a repair, but not a obvious one
  • The car has an appointment to get fixed on Friday—Alan says he can do the job without too much trouble.
  • A beautiful basket of flowers were delivered to our house for Mother’s DayBullock-Orieo
  • I have about 8 humming birds now and two pair of Bullock OriolesClose
  • The Orange-banded Bumble Bees are out and about
  • The sun is here this morning, the little birds started chirping and singing the sun up at first light—I sang with them!

There is joy all around!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Birds in the Yard— Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I need some help….I have this cool little bird(s) that loves to come and check out the Hummingbird feeders.  If anyone can tell me it’s name I would be delighted!

Linda Brown's at Delta CO

But first I thought I would show you a darling little Calliope Hummer.  We have the Calliope and the Black Chin again this year.   I’ve counted five pair of the Black Chin and five pair of the Calliope.

We also have four pair of the Bullock Orioles.

in-flightI was extremely excited to see one pair of Rufus Hummingbirds!


He is sort of hard to see in the above photo, but look closely he is there.

What-kind-of-bird-1But what is this little bird?  I was thinking it was a finch of some sort, but my finch food is untouched.

What-type-of-birdOf course it is terribly shy…not letting me near it at all.

Little-Brown-BirdThis little darling comes for a drink often…or is it just curious?Little-Brown-Bird-2You can’t see the red here so now I’m wondering if this is a different bird.  Anyway, any help on identifying this bird or birds will be appreciated.


Your friend,




Saturday the Last Day of August 2013

Terry pulled half the pinto beans yesterday before the dew left and the pods became too dry.  Pintos have to be pulled early so the dew will keep the bean pods from cracking open and spilling the pinto beans out onto the ground.  Once the beans are spilled there is no way to pick them back up.


Today he has been out there since full light.  He hopes to get the other half of the field done before the heat hits.


Depending on the weather he will wait about a week then start combining the rows, gathering the beans into the hopper and then the truck and then off to the Beanery to be sacked and sold.


Rain clouds keep building every afternoon, which causes us a huge amount of tension.  So far so good, the storms stay around us in the foothills and on the plateau, which is good.

Another thing that is good is we sometimes get a rainbow!


Feeding the bees seems to be working. I use a dollop of honey early in the day…by nightfall it’s all cleaned up.


Terry also said we are on the very last irrigation of the corn.  Boy, has summer ever flown.  Although, we will still irrigate the hay fields the work load of changing water is fast disappearing.

I’m not sure but I think most of the adult Hummingbirds have left, I still have lots of little ones feeding.  I’m not having to fill the feeders as much so I’m thinking this is a sign the large majority of those delightful little birds have gone.  I know the Bullock Orioles are gone since I haven’t seen any for two weeks now.


I’m off now to fork the bean ends back so we don’t lose any…those tiny little beans are what we’ve been working all summer to have.  🙂

Your friend,


Four Pair on July 25, 2013

I have four pair of Bullock Orioles, although only three females are sitting here.  I liked the photo because each one was on a different feeder!

Three-yellow-birdsA summer storm has blown in last evening.  Although, it cooled things down (which is really nice) it also has brought with it the potential for rain.  

We really would NOT like to have rain right now…after the hay is up and stacked — rain would be nice.  Keep your fingers crossed that we make it.  We have people either calling or driving down the lane to ask if we are ready to sell.  

Not yet.  But soon if the weather holds off.

Terry is working on the 630 John Deere to get it ready for the pinto bean harvest.  Boy, that seems to be coming fast.  He thinks by the last week in August we will be able to start harvesting the pintos.  Whew!  Time is flying.

Well, off to get many, many things done as I have let stuff slide since the 6th of July.  Things are starting to even out now so I hope to get past ‘maintain’ into fix.



July 16, 2013

I have about 4 pair of Hummingbirds

1at my feeders now, plus two pair of the Bullock Orioles/


My photos are STILL not very good, 2but I’m working on them.

BO-2Part of the problem is how shy the Bullock’s are —

3the hummers are getting better about having me around.

Female-BOI can work in the flowers right under the feeders with them flying all around…

Femalesthe second I get my camera…………………sigh.

Then I saw a RUFUS humming bird…he and his mate were have a great time mixed in with all the other hummers…



I was extremely excited to see and actually get a photo of the little bird.

Have a good one everyone…we are off to haul firewood today.  Seems strange to think of firewood in July, but we must if we are going to stay warm this summer.  We will haul seven Dodge truck loads minimum before we have enough…last year the winter went on way too long and really needed 9 truck loads.  So one day a week for the next seven (possibly nine) weeks we will be hauling wood!

Have a good one everyone!